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Dell XPS 15 - USB 3.0 Problem

 I have just purchased a Dell XPS 15. I decided to buy a 2.5" USB 3.0 caddie to plug my existing laptop hard drive into so I could transfer the data across. The drive from my old laptop is a 500GB hard disk. 

When you plug in the caddie with the 500GB drive in, you get one of two things happen. Either the driver fails to install, or the drive is not detected what so ever. 

I work for a Dell reseller so we have other Dell XPS 15 laptops in stock, so I decided to test on one of those and it does the exact same thing.

I decided to change the hard drive in the caddie - I changed it for a 160GB hard drive - this works absolutely fine on USB 3.0.

I put my 500GB hard drive back in the caddie and plugged it into my friends desktop system which also has USB 3.0 - it works absolutely fine which confirms it is not a fault with the caddie.

I decided it could need either a bios update or the latest USB 3.0 drivers installed. On checking on the website the latest bios is A03 which is the version I already have on my laptop. I checked the drivers under chipset and found "Renesas USB3.0 Host Controller" - I downloaded and installed this but during installation it pops up saying:


My next diagnostic would be to put another 500GB hard drive in the caddie of a different manufacturer (current is Samsung) and see if that works to confirm if it is a compatibility issue, or if the system cannot handle a 500GB hard drive in the USB 3.0 port. Unfortunately at the moment I don't have a spare 500GB drive.

Can Dell give any clarification on this matter? Do any of Dells other laptops use the same controller for USB 3.0 as the XPS 15?

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I just got a Dell XPS 15 today. I connected a USB mouse and used it for a few minutes and then nothing. The USB mouse didn't seem to be recognized anymore. I tried both USB 3.0 ports with the same result, the mouse wouldn't work. I connected the mouse to the one USB 2.0 port (right side) and it worked just fine. This is a Dell USB mouse and I've used it on two other computers frequently and without issue. 


I wonder what's going on with the USB 3.0 bus controller.

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Hi, i had a problem with USB this week too. Suddenly the mouse and usb keyboard did'nt work anymore. I had tu restart the computer. But i have installed the last drivers yerterday and i hope to have fixed this strange malfunctioning.


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Just got my XPS 15 and had the similar problem. I have to plug in my 1TB usb3.0 drive into the port at the back. If I use the usb3.0 port at the left side, the drive will run but the computer cant find it - I suspect that is because of the lack of power supply.

I plugged a usb2.0 hard drive into the port on the left side, and found that the computer can find it and everything is fine...

So now I used the port on the left for my mouse, but if I plug the usb3.0 drive into the back usb port(which is adjacent to the one on the left), the mouse will stop reacting from time to time. And if I keep the usb 3.0 drive plugged but unplug the mouse and plug in a keyboard instead in the left port, the keyboard will not function at all... This makes me more suspicious that this is because of the supply of power...

DELL COME OUT AND FIX IT...Seemed I am not alone...

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If it's power related I would think plugging in a self powered USB hub would fix the issue. Maybe it's worth trying to see if it is a power issue?

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well I think this is a legetimate solution if this is a power problem... but a self-powered usb3.0 hub costs some70 or 80 bucks... and I hate adding another power wire to my outlet... together with another AC/DC adapter.

Maybe someone would like to try this and if anyone found it true please tell us! Thanks!!!

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I was only suggesting it as a diagnostic test. I agree it's too much to carry a hub around. As far as which hub a 2.0 hub should be able to tell us if it's a power issue. 

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Just bought XPS and have exactly the same problems.

Dell please help!


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Just bought XPS 15 and have exactly the same problems.

Dell please help!


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DELL, what’s up? Answer the question... please!!

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