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Dell XPS15 9550 Problems (keyboard and closed laptop)

Hello everyone,

I have my xps 15 for a few months now but still I haven't found any solutions for my problems.

1st Problem:

Whenever I boot windows (or sometimes after energy-saving mode) the keyboard just doesn't work at all. I already tried waiting for a few minutes and smashing every button on it, nothing made the keyboard working again. To solve this I have to restart the computer after that it works.

2nd Problem:

Whenever I close it while running, it just won't "wake up" again. The power-button-light lights after opening the laptop but the screen stays black.

3rd Problem:

Sometimes when I want to boot windows it just won't. I see the "DELL"-logo then the few blinks at the top-left corner of the screen (A white '_' blinks 3 times) and after that nothing happens.

So these are my problems. I hope somebody can help me with these because it's very anoying if I have to start the computer twice so that it works like it should.

If you have any more detailed questions please ask them.

sincerely SgtDomo

P.S.: I have most of the "recommended" drivers installed but if you think I am missing one, please also tell me



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Hey I had problems 2 and 3 up until yesterday. Nvida released a new driver yesterday morning and both of those went away. Try that I hope it fixes it for you too.

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