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E7440 lcd upgrade

I am attempting to upgrade 70V031LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY, 14.0HDF, WLED, AG, EDP, FLAT, LEGEND

to a 1080p lcd.  Is a replacement cable required? If so can someone help me with a part number?  

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Greetings Austinwilli,

According to my parts replacement list, there's only one cable part number for the E7440. Therefore, we can fairly safely conclude that your current cable will also work for a FHD screen.

Part number for the cable is: D3M6R 'EDP CABLE NON-TOUCH'.

Justin C Dell Technical Support | Project Sputnik

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Embedded DisplayPort, swanky. If the reseller stocks the right screens for that model, any resolution should work fine.

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just wonderin if you were able to upgrade to a 1080p screen?

I currently have a 14.0 HD (1366x768) Anti-Glare WLED-backlit in my e7440. Screen part number is chimei N140BGE -E33.

Is it as simple as finding a 1080p , matt, non-ips and non-touch screen? I've found a couple on eBay Uk.


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better yet, could I use an IPS 1080p screen?

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Notebooks work only with those screens they're shipped with - the system must be able to ID the screen.  A set of EDIDs is built into the system firmware.

There is an FHD screen listed for that model


Anything else you try, verify compatibility with the seller.  

Also note that if your system is under warranty, replacing the screen WILL void the warranty.

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The one I ordered is Laptop LCD Screen 14.0-inch WideScreen (12"x7.4") WUXGA (1920x1080) Full HD Matte LED compatible with Dell LATITUDE E7440 / 3 Years warranty. It works....
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awesome. would you happen to know the part number for the new and your old screen?

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I purchased from

Just searched my dell model

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and it was as easy as plug and plug?

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