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Fix: Failed Bios Update

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Thank all I fixed it, I will give you the solution, Follow me Please

First Download the BIOS From the dell website, NOTE: the provided link is for N5010 Bios

 drag and drop to a CMD window hit space 1 time and type /writeromfile
 repeat with /writehdrfile so it says
 N5010A10.EXE /writehdrfile
 rename n5010a10.hdr to N5010.HDR and put in USB FAT32 stick. (i use sandisk cruzer 8gb and works on my inspiron N5010)
 NOTE: USB Stick must be formated in FAT32
 or heres the A10 version  


 now the recovery method is tricky.
 usually i can read the proper file name but in this one its not found. (Phoenix Mod tool found it N5010.HDR)

 usualy if u save the hdr in usb FAT32 and take battery out and power.
 plug in usb to rear or sides (try all)
 hold the END key and plug in power cord.
 (sometimes have to hold power button and END key)


Best wishes

Omar Mohamed

Visit for more info

Best Wishes

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