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HELP! GeForce4 4200 Video Card Upgrade (Dell Inspiron 8600)

Good Day! I'm trying to figure out what the best way for me to be able to play EQ2 on my laptop with little lag.

I got my laptop as a gift about 2 years ago. I believe I have GeForce4 4200 Go as my video card. Unfortunately, I'm not very familiar with computer systems and whatnot... what people told me is I can't upgrade a laptop video card, but still hoping that there's some way around this if anybody knows.

Can somebody help me with this? I would really appreciate any kind of help.

Thank you,


I've played EQ2 on my laptop the past few nights, but it's soooo slow and laggy once I zone into the city (i.e. Qeynos).

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you can put in a radeon 9600 pro turbo (woo-hoo) in that baby and pick up a few f.p.s
look on ebay, they pop up there every once in a while. i sold a spare one i had a while back on there for around 150.00 (good deal for buyer at that time)
good luck!
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Thanks! I'll look into that!
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Actually, I have another question. How do I go about upgrading my video card?

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i upgraded my i8600 to the nvidia quadro fx 1000 go 128mg card from the precision m60... this bad boy is the most powerfull card for the i8600 and yes it will fit right in there and work fine...  this card rocks and will put the ati 9600 to shame!!  i purchased my card from dell's spare parts under the buiseness section.. i have the cooling mod done to it and get my drivers from you cant go wrong with this card...
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I found this site while checking into the same thing.  He gives fairly detailed instructions.

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You put a fx1000 in a i8600? What kind of performance increase is there over the ati9600? I am interested in this.


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