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Hi I'm Scott Leiken- My computer stopped working, help please!

Hi Everyone,

My name is Scott Leiken and this is my first post. Hoping to seek some help with my laptop that stopped working :(

My laptop recently stopped working and it appears that I can hear some parts moving around inside. I'm hesitant to open it up and don't want to break anything. 

Any suggestions? Should I open it up to see if something got disconnected?

Scott Leiken

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We'll need more information.

System model?

Is it under warranty?

Was the system dropped at any point?

What does "stopped working" mean?  No power up?  If so, is the LED on the AC adapter working before you plug in the notebook end?  Does the system power up wtihout a battery?

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Hi EJN63,

I have an older Inspiron model, probably 3 years old so I don't think it is under warranty. 

I don't recall dropping it at all, but I do travel quite a bit so I wonder if it got bumped around too much? Basically, the computer sounds like it is turning on, but the display is completely black.

Thanks for your help,

Scott Leiken

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Attach an external monitor - does it show an image?  If so, that suggests a bad display panel.

More troubleshooting will depend on knowing the exact system model you have. 

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Ok, I don't have one but I think I can use one at  the office to check. Thank you again for your help!

-Scott Leiken

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