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How to change how a file/picture opens?

How do I change the way a file or pictures is opened?Now when I open it,it opens in Roxie I would like it to open in something else,If I click open with I then can open it with the one I want,I would like to make it open all the time with something else.
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if I understand you correctly, single click one of the files to highlight it then press ctrl & right click the highlighted file.
you should now have the "open with" option so choose what program you want the file to open with.
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Yes that is what I was trying to say,but is there a way to make it open all the time with the program I want to use?
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right click start, choose explore. at the very top choose tools, at the bottom hit folder options

look for the tab marked file types

click that, it will list all the file extentions on your machine and what program they are associated with. Scroll to the type you want to change, (probably JPG) and from there click change, dialog boxes will walk you thru it. Sounds like a lot of trouble but its easy.

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