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Inspiron 1520 Battery Charge Indicator Blinking with New Battery Installed

Can anyone help with this?  Battery is new Ray-o-Vac from a store.  Just replaced 2.5 year old original battery.  Everything is working great except for battery lamp keeps blinking.  The power meter always reads 99% and battery charging, even though always plugged in.  Any help is appreciated!

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This is what the different states for the battery charging LED on the Inspiron 1520

The computer is connected to an electrical outlet, the light operates as follows:

·     Solid blue — The battery is charging.

·     Flashing blue — The battery is almost fully charged.

·     Off — The battery is adequately charged or external power is not available to charge the battery.

If the computer is running on a battery, the light operates as follows:

·     Off — The battery is adequately charged, or the computer is turned off.

·     Flashing orange — The battery charge is low.

·     Solid orange — The battery charge is critically low.


If the battery charging light is blinking blue then the battery is nearly charged as you mentioned and you are probably fine.  You can try charging the battery with the notebook shut off and see if the LEDs change any.


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I'm having the same, or a similar, issue. I've installed a new 9-cell battery to replace the OEM 6-cell. When powered off,  the battery LED will flash blue for a time, then stop; then start again. When powered on, the battery LED behaves the same way.  I have not unplugged it from the electrical outlet. The battery meter tells me the battery is charged to ~98%.

Will the charging LED continue this behavior ad nauseam, and is it a result of a non-OEM battery?

Thank you for your help.



If the battery charger LED for the Inspiron 1520, is flashing blue all it is telling you is that the battery is nearly fully charged.  As long as you have the AC adapter attached it will continue to do this.


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I have an similar issue where i have replaced my dell battery. However the blue battery light is still flashing even though the battery is fully charged at 100%.

My understanding is that if the battery is fully charged this light should be off.  i"m wondering if there is a problem with the battery?


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Hi agrant123,

This could be due to Improper Connection. Remove the battery and check the metal contacts on the battery and within the battery bay in the laptop. Clean any collected dirt or corrosion that may have accumulated on these connectors and reseat the battery, making sure it clicks firmly into place.

Also Recalibrate the Battery. Drain the battery completely and charge it while the system is shutdown.

Update the Latest BIOS from dell site mentioned below.

(Key in the service tag and the right operating system to download the BIOS)

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The list of posts are years old but I have had the same problem with the battery meter indicating a full charge but the blue light blinking every 6 to 8 seconds.  For me, each time this happened was in using a non Dell battery.  Switching to a Dell battery stopped that annoyance.  Unfortunately, Dell no longer offers a OEM Battery for the Inspiron 1520.  I have tried to suppliers in the past but their 'perfect' replacements never was what was pictured (if you read the part numbers and spec's).  Maybe someone has a truly correct battery but I don't have a clue.

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