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Laptop Touchscreen Stops Working Issue Possibly SOLVED!!

Originally I posted in a different forum, just trying to reach out to those in need as I once was.....:

Attention Everyone

This is the problem with most Tech Support teams.....they look too deeply into the problem and not at its face value. The Touchscreen driver is a HID USB Input device. Meaning the computer does not know if a device is being used until it actually is. I went round and round with Dell Tech Support and all they managed to do was update drivers that didn't need it and one young lady actually downloaded the wrong device thinking the touch screen is a part of Dell Touchpad, aka MOUSE!!! REALLY!!!

Think about it, if you are not using the touchscreen and keeping it active, in this energy efficient world and age, a system would turn off unnecessary devices!!

THE SOLUTION: Device Manager - Universal Serial Bus Controllers - Generic USB Hub Properties -( Under POWER tab: the one that  has "HID-compliant Device 100mA" attached) Power Management - UNCHECK-"Allow computer to turn off this device to save power"

If you have problems or not sure if it the correct HID-compliant Device, just look under the Driver Details and hit the drop down box to scroll through all those different labels until it clearly says "Touchscreen" under "Bus Reported Device Description"

Fixed my problem pretty easily.

As the sounding of my post can be taken as a bit on the rude/sarcastic/completely irritated side, it is intended to hopefully save other consumers from being forced to troubleshoot their own problems without resetting their entire computer's OS wasting countless hours of downloading and restarting computer. My main objective is to give Tech Support a hopefully quick fix to what seems to be a large and growing issue.

Hope this helps and good luck!


Someone that can think outside the manual

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Awesome!! Trying this out on my wife's XPS11. My XPS 12 does not have the same settings under device manager, but also does not suffer from a lost touchscreen. XPS11 from Dell, XPS12 from Microsoft. Hmmmm...


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Well the fix described above did not work. instead I rolled back the driver update for the HID compliant device. my touchscreen instantly began working again. I am now using driver 6.3.9600.16384 dated 6/21/2006. I did not record what the driver version before rolling back was.

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hat did not take long. opening Skype in tile view, and the touchscreen suddenly stopped again. I updated the driver back to version 6.3.9600.16384 dated 4/21/2009. touchscreen immediately starts working again.

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Thanks so much! I just got my new Lenovo Flex 15 yesterday, and any time I plugged something into the USB ports, my touchscreen stopped functioning. I restored my computer twice trying to figure out the problem. Again, thank you so much!

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Yes, you are my hero! Too many times the solution is obvious, and I have no way discern how to to find it. Thank you for sharing this mention in any manual or troubleshooting guide. Thank you a million times over! Dell needs a whole lexicon of such hands-on solutions for the non-tech consumer, a checklist or decision tree design for those of us who depend on the functionality of these expensive machines, but who have no technical training.

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Even if this helps for some systems (not for mine), it is clearly a driver problem. As other users stated, downgrading the driver helps.

USB contains clear specification for power management, and if done right, a USB device can be put to very low power mode (although i is called "turned off" in the UI) and be waken up if used.

And about customer support: Yes, it is hard not being sarcastic about them. They try to help, but due to lack of knowledge most of there actions and proposals are just an insult the a technical skilled brain.

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Fantastic! This resolved my problem.  Thank you!!

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thank you for the post, I had gone to a different file to uncheck let the computer turn off divices to save power. However when I followed what you said the box was still checked, so i unchecked it. I spent three days on the phone with Dell updating my BIOS and drivers with no success, and they finally wanted me to reset my computer. Not a good option  

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