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Latitude D610 - is there a built-n microphone

Just got a bunch of D610s, the D600s that this replaces used to have a built-in microphone, is there one in the D610? System works OK with external microphone.
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Got an answer from DELL tech support - no internal microphone on D610


Thank you for contacting Dell Hardware e-Support.

My name is Sucheta and I will be assisting you with your Dell Latitude

I understand from your message that you would like to know if the system has internal microphone.

I am sorry to tell you but these systems are not shipped with internal  microphone.

I hope this information will help you, If you have any further queries please feel free to revert.

Thank you for choosing Dell.
Kind regards.

Dell E-Support and Services

Hi there, We want to make sure your system is working fine and hence following up. Having said that, we do not want to disturb you with numerous messages. We will wait to hear from you to continue the conversation.

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Darn, I was hoping it was just a problem with my machine, and that I was blind and couldn't see it!

This is really bad news, as well as somewhat dumb given:

a) The increased use of voice technologies (eg VOIP).
b) This is supposed to be an upgrade to the D600, C610, C600 etc, all of which had an internal microphone
c) Their website says nothing about this. In fact it's impossible to establish from the Dell website which models have an internal microphone

I always took internal microphones as a given on notebooks. Granted external microphones will generally be better quality, but it's something else extra you have to remember to take with you.

To add insult to injury the docking station also doesn't have a Microphone input port.

We've just taken delivery of the first of what would have been several D610's - that won't happen now, and this first one may go back. We'll look elsewhere for something with a similar form factor that doesn't omit the essential basic features.

Thanks for doing the leg work with support.

- Andrew
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Got our new laptop today .... Believe and my wife cried...
Micro phone was our main concern and marketing team had confirmed to us that this model had inbuilt microphone.
Totally disappointed. Thank you DELL.
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Are you serious guys?? I'd better stick to my D600 then....

I recommended DELL to two of my relo in the last two months and both were very disappointed that there were no internal MICs in their Inspirons machine; I thought it was only because it was not the latitude range but now this does not sound good at all.


I can assure DELL that a lot of your new customers would go somewhere else especially after the popularity of Voice Over IP and the need for MIC.....


I would have returned my machine, if you are in real need for MIC and I'd have asked asked DELL to train their sales team more about new machines.

On the other hand, I hope you bought a Bluetooth adapter, in such a case you can use a Bluetooth headset and get advantage of a better voice quality and cordless conectivity.


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I went out and bought a Jabra BT250 Bluetooth headset to try as an alternative. The headset sounds ok with a wireless phone, but with the D610 PC it sounds appalling - like the PC was being played over a poor phone connection.

Maybe other bluetooth headsets are better... or maybe I should just return this PC :(
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Call DELL Techs and see what they say....
Now it looks like the Bluetooth manager problem.
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NO MIC, that is horrible
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I totally agree, a big disappionntment for me too..


NO microphone!!! bad laptop!!! useless laptop!!! terrible item, please dell fix this!!


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