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Latitude E6410 slow when in docking station



all I got a new E6410 and 2 docking stations around a month ago.

The problem I have is that when the notebook is in my office docking station it is really really slow.

I can watch while window contents are draw, switching messages inthugnerbird takes a couple of seconds.

In the home dokcing station everything is fine.


Can anyone give me a hint what I can do about.

I'm planning on calling dell support, but I guess they'll be pretty sceptical.





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I have a new E6430 and have been encountering the same issue with performance when docked.  After some trial and error, I found that if I leave the lid (screen) open slightly when docked, performance (specifically network speedtest) increases significantly, on par with performance when the laptop is not docked.  I've changed the sleep settings so that the computer doesn't sleep when the lid is closed, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. For now  I'll just leave the lid open slightly unless there are other suggestions...

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it may be taking forever trying to access network shares which are available at home but not at work.

I suggest swapping the two docking stations. If the same docking station has the same performance, then the one which causes slow performance is defective in some way. If the laptop is still slow at work and fast at home, then the problem is caused by there being something different about the environment.


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I haven't actually tried the switching the docking stations. I'll do that when I'm in the office next.

I doubt it has something todo with network shares, as it is also slow just selecting a different mail in thunderbird.

Also if I remove it from the docking station and plug the network cable into the notebook directly I also don't have speed (slowness) issues.


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A little follow up. It's actually the docking station.

I have both in the office now and with one of them the notebook is slow the other one is fine.

When switching I use the same network cable mouse keyboard and monitor so everything is identical....


Now let's see what the hotline has to say. :)


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Support replaced the docking station and everything is working like a charm now.

Support said that since you have 2 docking stations and you tried them in the same situation it's pretty clear that it's the docking station. So we'll replace it.


I'm very positively suprised.




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I have the E6410 as well & when the machine is in the docking station Win7 completely stalls & the resource manager goes up to 100%. After quite a bit of troubleshooting I've determined it is in fact the docking station. I was hopeful a brand new docking station would fix the issue however this isn't the case. Even after getting a brand new station, the laptop still runs poorly when connected (pushing the resource manager to 100%).

Dell E6410 | Intel Core i5 | Windows 7 | 4 GB RAM

Is there a driver for the docking station?

The machine is really fast on it's own but i do admit this is a bit frustrating. Without the use of the docking station I'm unable to use my dual 19" monitor setup.

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Try connecting the AC adapter from the fast dock to the slow one, see if solves your problem.


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I had the same problem on my Latitude D830. When connected to the docking station with two 22" monitors, the computer would slow down to a crawl and start getting hot. If I disabled one of the monitors by switching from multiple monitor display to a single display the computer would cool down and run fast again. You might try this and see if you get the same results. I am guessing that my graphics card is the problem here and is not powerful enough to handle two monitors without overheating.

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Thanks for the intpu all. It is in fact the power cord (which is still hard to believe).

I have 2 power cords I've tried - the power cable that came with my older D630 Dell and the new cable that came with the E6410. When I plug either cable into new E6410 docking station the laptop jumps to 100% on the resource meter (even when in idle).

Plugging either power cable directly into the laptop while its sitting in the docking station works well and the resource manager is currently running at or around 3-4% in idle.

Thanks again for all the help. I would never had figured it was the power cable.

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Hey all,


I'm quite glad I ran into this thread. I work in IT and I had a user call in about this same exact problem. He had a Dell E6410 that was hooked up into a docking station and it was giving him problems. I followed the fix from the post above and his problems went away. It's really weird that a power cord could be causing this issue.

Anyhow, just wanted to give my thanks to whoever thought this up!


Two thumbs WAY UP!

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