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New XPS 13 unable to disable adaptive brightness

I am unable to disable the adaptive brightness on the i5 HD 5500 1080p version of the new XPS 13.

When I view a dark page, the screen will dim, and when I view a bright page, the screen will get brighter. This is extremely annoying and all the options I've tried have not fixed this issue at all.

Turning off the enable adaptive brightness option in the advanced power settings does nothing. I have this done on all power plans.

The option for disabling it that should be in the Intel Graphics Driver does not exist.

Disabling the Sensor Monitoring Service doesn't fix it either.

I have the latest version of the Intel Graphics drivers. Uninstalling it doesn't fix it either.

Installing another operating system doesn't fix it either, so I'm assuming this is some sort of hardware problem.

Does anyone have a solution to this annoying issue?

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I suggest that as much people as possible keep on contacting Dell to fix this issue.

For now, the general consensus of people is that it is a hardware setting that is enabled by Dell and purposely locked away from the user. The setting for "Display Power Saving Technology" in the Intel graphics control panel is not available (at least not in the Dell-provided gpu drivers nor with Intel's latest v4080 release), and it is the one that controls dynamic contrast (at least it is for all my other laptops that use the integrated Intel graphics).

The problem is independent of the OS. People have encountered the issue on Win 7, Win 8 and Ubuntu. Hopefully Dell can release a BIOS update or small program that lets the user turn this setting on or off.

(If you are a Dell employee reading this analysis, please send the information to your tech team.)

I have already seen a dozen of people on other internet boards returning their laptop for this reason. It would save Dell a lot of money to just work on a fix.

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I installed the latest off the Intel website already.

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Check to see if there is a graphics update on Intel's website. I am running version on an XPS 12, and I do have the option. What version are you running?


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I'd also be interested to hear if anyone has solved this yet.

I got my XPS 13 yesterday and I'm considering returning it because I cannot stand the Adaptive Display.

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Has anyone figured this out? It is driving me crazy.

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The adaptive brightness issue still persists for me on higher brightness levels. If this is truly a hardware issue then I guess I will probably have to return it. This is simply too distracting.

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I have the same exact issue. According to Dell tech support (who had remote access of my XPS), they said it was a feature that couldn't be adjusted. They couldn't elaborate which tells me their not sure of the cause.

Sometimes monitors have hardwired features. I wonder if these new Sharp monitors on our XPS have something physically installed that controls this.

Check something for me, the brightness only adjusts when I'm on the two lowest brightness settings. If I run the brightness high, the adaptive brightness problem goes away. Is that the case for you too?

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Unfortunately, no, none of the BIOS options looks like it can disable this.

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Check to see if there are any BIOS setup settings you can adjust. It is usually F2 at boot when you see the Dell Logo to get into the Setup Menu.


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