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Pre-boot assessment error 2000-0332, Inspiron 7720

I own a Dell Inspiron 7720 laptop. A few days ago, I got a suggestion from a Dell program to update my BIOS, which I allowed. The update didn't seem to bring up any additional windows or a progress bar to let me know how the update was going but I didn't think too much of it and let the computer do its thing.

Generally I just leave my laptop on nonstop and put it to sleep whenever it's not being used (I remember reading somewhere on the Windows 8 user start guide to just let it sleep instead of turning it off). Yesterday, I traveled home for Thanksgiving while my laptop was in sleep mode. When I tried to turn on my laptop, I noticed it was no longer in sleep mode and had turned off instead. No big deal, I thought, but when I turned it on, I got an error screen along the lines of

PXE-### Media test failure, check cable

PXE-###: Exiting Intel PXE ROM

I was left at the boot screen, which allowed me to run the diagnostics. I let it run and came across the error code 2000-0332 in the pre-boot assessment screen, which told me something was wrong with my video card memory (video memory integrity test discrepancy). Upon a little bit of research on this code, it may have something to do with my BIOS and that I should try to flash it. However I haven't been able to do this through the USB (I get the error "invalid or damaged bootable partition" when I leave the USB stick in on startup) nor the CD (doesn't seem the .exe on the CD is detected).

I tried getting to the BIOS screen by pressing F2 at the Dell logo but I always end up at the same screen which lists me my legacy boot options (I don't get the typical BIOS screens that lets me change my default settings, boot order, etc). The listed choices were Removable Drive, CD/DVD/CD-RW drive, Second Hard Drive, and Network. Pressing F12 does the same thing. I noticed that  primary hard drive isn't listed so I though maybe something was wrong with my HD, but the pre-boot assessment shows that it is working fine.

I'm really out of ideas on what to do. If worst comes to worst, I can try to exchange it for another since I'm still within the exchange period but I would rather keep my current laptop and its information.

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Hello, I'm having the same diagnostic error with my dell laptop. Have you found a resolution to this error? Thanks, Joe.

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I had the same exact issue yesterday, and got on my work laptop for a chat session, and now Dell is sending a tech to my house - potentially to replace the motherboard and hard drive!  I am in tears, since if the hard drive is replaced, YEARS of work will be lost, since I migrated all my data from my previous computer.  There has *got* to be a solution to this...

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If you don't have a backup, remove the hard drive, mount it in an external USB case, and attach it to a working system by USB.  Copy your data files to the working system.

Going forward, you absolutely must buy a backup drive - all hard drives eventually fail, and your data is only as secure as your most recent backup.

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What did you end up doing?

The only reason I ask is, I have just bought a new dell laptop and I'm getting the same error?

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I ended up having to have a Dell tech come and replace my motherboard.  It is now working fine!  (did not have to replace the hard drive, thank goodness!)

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I own a Dell inspiron 5720 and i have the same problem. 

ERROR CODE: 2000-0332


It seems that DELL is selling damaged products. 

It is a shame. 

My main problem is that i bought the notebook in US

and i am in Argentina now, and it is not easy or fast

to transfer warranty...

i hope DELL responds...

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Hi Andresmou,

I am sorry for the experience. As the error is related to video memory, I suggest you to install(flash) the latest BIOS and run the diagnostics again. You can download the latest BIOS from the following link by punching in the Service Tag and by clicking on the "Drivers & Downloads" tab:

Please let me know the test results.

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I have the same problem with my video card failing the diagnostic test.  I want to try your install (flash) of the latest BIOS, but I don't know how to do this if the computer won't boot up at all.  I've downloaded the BIOS driver and saved to an external drive, but don't know how to install this file on the malfunctioning computer since it won't boot.  Any suggestions?

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It is impossible for me to install Flash, because the computer does not boot up at all.

Thank you.

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