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Sony MDR-xb950 Bluetooth Headphones connection issue

My dell XPS 15 9550 will work fine with a number of bluetooth speakers.

Now when I am try to connect it too my Sony mdr-xb950 bluetooth headphones it pairs, then says connected, then drops to "paired".

And then sound still comes out of the laptop speakers and not the headphones.

I look in the sound settings and the headphones are nowhere to be found.

I updated the bluetooth drivers and nothing has worked. I have been looking all over the internet for a solution.

PLease help!

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You can take a look at the connected devices options where it shows all the connected devices. If it is connected with through Bluetooth, it will show up as a connected device. When you mentioned that you checked under audio devices, did you check the playback devices. You can get to that option by right-clicking on the audio tray icon in the notifications tray. If you see the headphones listed there, you can select it as the default playback device.

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