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Ubuntu 16.04 breaks Wifi on Dell XPS 13 (9343)

Ubuntu 15.x was working great on my Dell XPS 13. After upgrading to 16.04 it appears the drivers for the Broadcom BCM4352 Wireless Network Adapter are not loaded.

lshw -C network says the network is UNCLAIMED

There are now entries in the modprobe.d blacklisted file for Broadcom.

Any help is appreciated.

p.s. I dual boot to Win10. The network is fine there.

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Go to software & Updates, enable"Proprietary drivers for devices"

Reload sources, and apt-get upgrade 

It'll grab the latest broadcom drivers and intel microcode, you'll need to disable secure boot if its enabled, reboot, and it should work. 

Did it on my 9343 to 16.04 with kernel 4.4.0-21-generic

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Thanks for the tips. Is there any chance that disabling Secure Boot would mess up Windows and my dual boot environment?

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I doubt it, you can turn it back on after.  I don't dual boot, but it does what it's designed to do I guess. you'll enter a password to use to disable it to make the OS changes, then turn it back on.

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Nothing's working for me and I already had secure boot disabled.  What do you mean by "reload sources"?

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Ah, nevermind, figured it out!  When I tried doing the sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source in a terminal, I could see it was prompting me to insert the install CD/mount the install media on /media/cdrom.  I installed from a USB drive, so I plugged that in, manually unmounted it, remounted it as /media/cdrom, and apt-get completed successfully.

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If applicable, please mark the bug as affecting you, then it might receive some attention. The Ubuntu bug is:

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Hi. I'm super newb. Can you help me on the part about unmounting and remounting as CDROM??

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