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Was DELL hacked??

So i get a call today from "tech support" stating that my laptop downloaded something suspicious and was sending DELL some alarming messages.

The "tech" identified my laptop by referencing a technical issue that I opened with directly with DELL about 6 months to a year ago.  That is, the said that "XPS15 laptop that had an issue with the right USB port is sending suspicious messages" and they'd be able to help.

Having had these "helpful" phone calls before, and before he started the "diagnostics" process, I asked if he wanted me to open the EVENT VIEWER, to which he replied, "why would I want you to do that?" And then he hung up.

Interesting too that I hadn't used that laptop in a few weeks, btw.

Seeing how I only reported the issues with DELL, and only DELL (presumably) had my contact info as it related to that issue, WAS DELL HACKED ????

How did this "helpful tech representative" have my contact info AND knowledge of my technical issue ??????? 

DELL???  HELLO ????

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As with the ones from the Internal Revenue Service, your bank - etc. -- these are all phishing attempts.  The best strategy is to immediately hang up.

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The same thing happened to me on July 9:

He claimed to be from the Dell "R and D Department". He claimed that my computer had detected a problem and notified Dell automatically. He knew that Dell recently replaced a battery for me, which was true, so that's why I believed he was really from Dell. (This means they also hacked Dell!) He had me run come commands on the PC and he told me all devices on my IP address were compromised. He had me install the teamviewer app. He passed us off to his "level 5 network support" person. Then I got really suspicious and I hung up the phone. Then I uninstalled teamviewer and rebooted the PC. I figured out later that he had typed "ip address has been hacked" on the command line (so I probably should have known it was a scam at that point).

I reported it to the FTC.

Obviously Dell was hacked and leaked sensitive customer data regarding a warranty service event. I have not seen any report of Dell acknowledging this. 

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Same thing happened to me yesterday.  The website is a website that originates from New Zeeland. I called Dell support and they are sticking their head in the sand.  I also placed a complaint with the ***.

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Also getting calls from "Dell", and they know which models of computer I have.

A dell rep posted a reply to a thread here, but the link they posted doesn't work anymore 

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I have gotten calls from "Microsoft" technical support telling me their was a problem with our PC. I laughed and hung up on them because it was a scam. But this afternoon I got a call from Dell saying we had a problem, said we had more than one "internet" line...I thought what the____??? and looked at the caller ID it said Private Caller. I asked about it and he said this was a robot generated call I hung up. I did have a problem with the PC and have a software contract with Dell Tech Concierge which was less than helpful. But the cal from the Dell scammer well they new too much. I called Dell and will call them back after being put on hold when I asked to speak to a native English speaker. But after reading what others have posted and reading online articles DELL was hacked and they should have the decency to tell it's customers it was.  

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Our apologies. Dell would not contact in this way. We are aware of the problem and have notified our Dell Securities team. We can only speak to our Dell approved statement here at the top of the USA Customer Care board. I have corrected the link in DELL-Lorna M post.

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