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Wave MaxxAudio Pro Driver

Unable to find the Wave MaxxAudio Pro. Anyone please help me to download it. 

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It will normally install with the audio drivers.  Perhaps if you supplied you model number someone would know for sure

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i am having the same problem with my Inspiron 7567 and the subwoofers are not working at all.

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Try and click on search(bottom left of screen beside Windows Key) and type in Maxxaudio). The Maxaudio app or program should appear at the top of the listing, just click on this to load or right click on it to add to start or add to taskbar for further use.

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Why is the software tethered to the driver like this? Also, why does it NEED this software in order to function properly? How about just making a laptop that outputs decent sound in the first place or at least make this vital software an integral part of the system? What's next? Disappearing keyboard functionality?

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