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Which kind of M2 SSD disk can installed on Latitude E7450 UMA

I buyed a Latitude E7450 UMA , Intel HD Graph, it said this laptop has two M.2 sockets ,

I try to install the m.2 SSD , but BIOS not recognized this SSD

m.2 SSD type  Transcend TS256GMTS400(2242)

did someone install m.2 SSD on Latitude E7450 UMA?


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wondering the same thing myself, seems the M.2 drive has to be PCIe to be recognized, but at the moment there arent any 42mm M.2 PCIe based drives. At least none i can find...


Hi arsixorus,

Currently M2 cards are not compatible with Dell latitude E7450 UMA system as you will need compatible adapter board and M2 drive bracket for this setup. 

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yes, if do that , you will can't install second dirvers on E7450 UMA

and 1TB SSD is so expensive

HP and Thinkpad also support M2 SSD, why DELL can't support this ,even the best enterprise laptop of DELL

next time , i will buy HP or Thinkpad.

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I have a Latitude E7440 with an msata drive AND standard 2.5" hhd. Are you saying that the upgraded model, the E7450 does not support this!? Please say this is not true, if is, I'm going to get a Lenovo T440s. Please advise. Thanks.

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yes,  upgraded model E7450 does not support mSATA SSD and M2.SSD, only replace standard 2.5" hhd to SSD

stupid dell

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I've explained the problem to a french commercial.

First he tells me I can't install 2 hdd into a 7440/7450 laptop.

Here was it first message:

“Can my customer install an additional HDD to Latitude E7450 system?
New Latitude 5000 and Latitude 7000 systems are only offered and supported with 1 internal HDD option. We do not offer and support any solution to install a 2nd HDD into the systems. If customer requires more than 1 internal HDD option in a client notebook, it is possible to offer a Precision notebook (M3800, M4800, M6800 system).”

Then I send him the link to this blog :

He answers me :

In fact it works however Dell doesn't support.
Some users use the WAM location for a mini card SSD, but we can't do it in the factory, neither on E7440 nor on E7450.
I asked him which mini card SSD to use :
Furthermore it's possible to perform the operation yourself and it will work but it is not official, the laptop won't be supported by the technical service.
- Mini card SSD full size 64Gb
- Mini card SSD full size 128Gb
- Mini card SSD full size 256Gb [400-AALV x 1]
Then he called me. No other information can be given my mail.
One of its client success to install a second hdd, using a mini card ssd, on a E7250. The E7250 platform is the same as the E7450. So it should work
I finally receive a quotation about a mSata "Kit - 512Gb Solid State" (499.00 EUR ex VAT).
This SSD drive is sense to be the only one sold in kit..
I hope these message will help us to find THE official working drives and maybe create a list of compatible models.
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This is typical DELL Management. Everything good must be changed. One off the best feature in 74440 was the two hard drive option. I have the top model 7440 i7 touch etc. Now just bought a 7450 same i7 5th generation. There is NO advantage in this notebook - only disadvantage:

a) Performance - NO difference at all
b) Keyboad - no backlight a copy of iMac. The old keypboard was better at least at my opinion
c) Display - Dell don't want to build one acceptable Display for business. They do it for xps, inspiron - why the display is the same small? Why not to use the full size - take out the stupid Dell logo and use the space for 2100 x 1440 or something like this.
d) No more Audio Volume buttons - what happend to them?
e) BUT THE BIGGEST IMPACT - NO SECOND HARDDRIVE means mSata SSD - that was brilliant before

What is wrong with DELL - same in the Server NO MORE Ubuntu - who understands this Management - Please find a new job - It is not about to copy - otherwise I buy direct the iMac - it is about improving your straighten and solving your weakness - the best are the docking stations and the service - the weekness are the displays and the alway bugy low quality Dell driver and firmware. Until today I could not find one working Dell software that downloads and installs all drivers itself - nothing works proper.

Ok Dell you want that we move to Lenovo - Yes we do. 

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So I have just bought a 7450 model and want to upgrade to a 512 SSD.

What model and specs should I buy? Thanks

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Many you can choose from.  I just recently installed a Kingston HyperX Savage 480 (SHSS37A/480G) and it performs flawlessly.  I picked it up for $169 CAD including the upgrade kit (screwdriver, external case, USB cable, etc.).  Some will be easier to install than others, so read up on some reviews.  Here's a shortlist of some you might want to consider:

1. Samsung 850 (Pro or not)

2. Crucial MX200

3. SanDisk Extreme Pro series

4. Kingston HyperX Savage series

....look around, there are many more to consider.  Good luck.

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