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XPS 15 9530 - Noise problem?

Hi all,

I just got my new XPS 15, amazing laptop but there's 1 big problem,

A high-pitched scratching/screeching noise is produced from the power button area ONLY when the power is plugged in and the battery is fully charged.

I've seen other forums and others have exactly the same problem, Any ideas?

I found this example , the power is plugged into the laptop at 6 seconds.


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Hi, i have exactly the same problem, it would be fine that someone investigate about the subject

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Me too :-(. This is a very nice machine, but the sound problem makes it hard to become happy with it. Dell, please provide a solution. I cannot advise people to buy one before this problem has been solved. All other components, quality of the machine is state of the art.

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Other buyers - with brand new machines to - are now also reporting this issue:

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Dell, please investigate and forward to R&D?

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Same exact problem.

Noise while charger connected and battery is full.

Anyone managed to fix ?

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Ground loop maybe?

Did you check the electricity? What I've heard from the uploaded sound I can say that this noise is because your laptop power adapter/charger is not ground looped!

You can check online for hum eliminators

check this video:

This video is not mine, but I believe it will help you fix your problems :)

I am expecting my new XPS 15 soon and I hope I won't have the same problem!


Please let me know if any of my options solved your problem

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Does not help (here) ....


Thank you all for posting. Dell is aware of these symptoms for the 9530 and is investigating them.  From what all of you are saying the noise only seems to happen when you have the AC adapter connected to the system, have any of you noticed this with only battery? Have any of you had the AC adapter replaced and if so did it help or not?

CZ111 mentioned that the screeching sound is coming around the area of the power button, is this something that all of you are seeing?

Thanks SirBlack for the suggestion that this could be a ground loop issue.

I will likely be sending out friend requests to you shortly so that I can get the service tags for the systems. We may also wish to capture a system for testing at the lab.

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In my unit, the sound comes from the power button zone too. When the AC adapter is plugged and battery is at 100% of charge, the sound becomes hardly, but with the adapter disconnected from the laptop, the sound can be heard too.

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