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XPS 15 Charging port plastic center broken, no support

I paid for 3 years of support and accidental damage in home support. Together, it cost around $400 on my new XPS 15" touch screen laptop. The laptop was plugged in, and when I unplugged it, the round plastic center of the charging port came out. 

I called technical support at 5 pm EST, and received someone in Southern India. I gave them my information, and they confirmed that I had service. They then fought with me for 15 minutes, telling me I could NOT have any in home service. The representative, who kept calling me by my first name (no respect)  said I had to send my laptop to a depot in Texas for them to identify the issue. Finally, after I insisted, the representative, S. Sirya Kiran, FINALLY allowed me to get in home support IF I sent him photos of the damage. I did. Finally, I received an email telling me to select a date for service, which I did, 12/18/17 between 9 am and 1:00 pm .

I took time off and waited. No one came by 11:30, or called. So I contacted World Wide Tech Services. They then told me they didn't have enough techs to handle my area, so they were NOT coming. I asked why no one gave me the courtesy of a phone call and they had no answer. They said a new company, Unisys, would contact me. (I doubt they ever will.)

Is this what Dell gives people for their money as far as support and accidental damage in home service for $400? This is an outrage.

Nelson Timken

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You may have to pay extra for North American-based support and those come with the business-class Dell PCs. Not to say that your experience will be any different, but at least their English would be more understandable.

The XPS are considered consumer-class.

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Bull!! I paid for accidental damage IN HOUSE support, and that is what I am entitled to.

I don't need to buy business class support.

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You were complaining about dealing with Dell folks in India and I am telling you that if you want someone stateside, you will need to buy business-class PCs and pay for that support.

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Out of curiosity, WHY did they say you couldn't have in-home service initially?  I've never had a problem getting in-home service at all, even on systems that don't have the business-oriented ProSupport option.  The only time I've ever even heard of people who have in-home service contracts being told they have to mail the system in is if they've already sent techs to repair the system multiple times and the original problem still hasn't gone away, but this sounds like a very easy field repair since it's totally clear what the problem is and therefore what part(s) will need to be sent with a tech to perform the repair.  I would just call Dell Support (not the dispatch people) again and expect a better answer, because you're quite likely to get one.  I have no idea what was wrong with whoever you originally spoke with.

And @ieee488, you can get business-class support on XPS systems ordered through the business channels, including, which is available to indivdiuals.  And while the OP did indeed complain about working with someone in India, I'm pretty sure his larger concern was the effort involved in getting the type of support he paid for even approved, and then the failure of the support tech to show up.

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One other suggestion that may be preferable to you: It's technically on-site service, not in-home service.  They can send a tech to wherever the system is, so if it would be feasible and easier for you to have Dell come to your work rather than taking time off for them to wait at home, tell them to come to your work address and just bring your system in with you that day.

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I have no idea why they said I couldn't have in home service. It was my first request, and I paid for 3 years of that service. I had to argue with the guy for about 15 minutes before he would enter the request,  I chalk it up to horrible outsourced customer service or perhaps the indians get some incentive for reducing requests. I told them what the problem was.  Then, I took pictures of the broken off piece of plastic that sits in the center of the charging port.

I just now got an email from another customer service rep in india, and he said I had to mail it to the depot, because the damage is not evident. This is after they mailed out the necessary parts, scheduled me for a service call today, and failed to show (World Wide Tech Services failed to show or notify me).

However, as you said, my concern is that I cannot get service I need and paid for to fix the problem.

Some people on here seem to want to increase their post count, without any regard for helping others, or reading what others write,

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Some people on here seem to want to increase their post count, without any regard for helping others, or reading what others write,

Ranting and raving on these forums will do you no good.

It only makes you seem a bit unhinged.

Three posts about the same problem.

You cannot contact Dell here. If you want help, you have to contact them in the manner that they want you, and it isn't here.

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