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XPS M1330 Win 7 Upgrade, no sound in speakers


I've just upgraded my XPS1330 from Vista to Win 7. It now runs like a dream....... however, the sound only works via headphones on the plug in,  not via the built in speaker. I assume it's a driver problem but can't find Win 7 Sound drivers for the M1330?????? Help......


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Wondering if someone could use one of these tools to post the backup of the drivers that are working fine for their setup.

This way other users (like me) could download the correct set of drivers to install in a single step.

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I can confirm that the solution suggested by euro888 and quoted by Jim ( not the rock star) works. I got the driver from here ( ) as dell site was not responding as of yesterday 11/12/2012.

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That happened to me and I solved as follows: Try to install the Vista driver via setup.exe, the installation will abort and you’ll receive the warning message of incompatibility, don't worry is normal because it’s a Vista driver). Automatically the system will recommend you to re install it with the correct settings, choose it then wait a few seconds and voila! Sound from your speakers. Hope this have solved your problem.

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After install the  driver R226903 I do notice that when I talk on Skype the users on the other end have difficulty hearing me

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JIMCO thank you very much to put this information ! I had the same problem and with your this information I solved my audio problems. I have a XPS M1330 with the driver R171786 ( A03 and now I have the driver R226903 (6.10.6217) A15

Skype works very good !!

Thanks for your help!

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Apparently there will not be any Sigmatel 7 drivers so the workaround is to install the Vista driver into 7 by

downloading the driver and then unpacking the files and then cancel installation.

Go to the folder to which the files were unpacked. Right click on the setup.exe file and select Vista on the compatibility tab.




But here is a different way for the m1330 that was posted by forum member euro888 (reportedly also works on XPS M1530 & Inspiron 1525):

Like many of you, the Sigmatel driver would not work when I plugged in a headset to use with Skype... After installing the driver below, everything seems to be working fine, including using a headset with Skype.

Old Driver: Sigmatel STAC 92HD (R171786)
New Driver: IDT 92HD73C1 (R226903)

Here is how I installed the new driver.

> I downloaded the IDT driver from Dells website:
" />

> It unzipped all the files into C:\DELL\drivers\R226903 ... But when the installed tried to install the new driver, it said I had to uninstall the old driver (and probably the Sigmatel program too).

> Went to the device manager and removed the old driver. I also went to "Programs and Features" and removed what was left of the Sigma Tel Audio program... That also took away the Sigmatel icon from the control panel (kind of scary at the time.)

> I rebooted my M1330 so that the default Win7 audio driver would replace the SigmaTel driver.

> I again used the device manager to look at the audio controller (Under "Sound, Video, and game controllers")

> I right-clicked on the Sound controller, and chose "Update Drivers Software".

> When given a choice, I selected "Browse my computer for driver software".... Then pointed to the C:\DELL\drivers\R226903 directory. Then I clicked the "Next" button.

Windows 7 then spun away and installed the new audio drivers... INCLUDING the new user interface from IDT. It put an icon into my control panel called "IDT Audio Control Panel".

Jim Coates -- 18 years on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

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