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DELL environment friendly policy - Unidentified non DELL battery error at boot

Latitude 3330 (End of Life)


I first wanted to buy a DELL battery replacement for my laptop, but DELL's answer is the part is not avalaible anymore because the product is over 5 years old.

Ok then I had to purshase a non DELL battery on the internet myself.
The battery is working fine and charging when AC adaptor is plugged.

When AC adaptor is not plugged, the battery is still working and discharging but each boot there is an error message complaining that the battery is unidentified and thus the computer will refuse to charge it.


I tried to find a BIOS setting to remove the warning at boot ( last BIOS is A13 ) but there is no option for this.

How to get rid of this warning ?

The only answer from DELL is that the product is over 5 years old and because of this reason, they don't care.

It seems DELL tries to encourage discarding laptops that are still working fine to buy new machines.
Does DELL policy cares about environment friendly ? It seems not and this has to be relayed publicaly on the social networks.

Thank you
Here is the genuine battery that DELL does not sell anymore:

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Here is the "answer" from DELL support.
They don't care telling to see with the vendor, as the issue is DELL's bios is blocking non DELL batteries.

DELL support.png

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