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Dell Latitude 3520 many issues

Hello Sudeep,


Please acknowledge the email and let me know how can you can assist.


Please don’t ignore seriousness of the email.


Awaiting your response and action from your side OR provide your superior information if that is out of your jurisdiction.


Thank you,


From: Harsh Bhavsar
Sent: 05 August 2022 10:46 AM


Hello Sudeep,


We are very very disappointed with Dell laptop build quality, we are having primary requirement of calling.


  1. Inbuilt mic is not working properly and voice is not going fine until we speak from very near to the microphone
  2. So we tried to connect headphones to 3.5mm audio jack, it worked well for 2 days and again faced issues for sometimes not getting voice from other person on call OR sometimes other person is not able to hear us
  3. To mitigate the issue, we bought USB headphones but issues still remains same. We tried different brands as Logitech, fingers.


We contacted DELL support multiple times but they only doing driver updates and some changes in BIOS which solves the issue for 2-3 days and again the same problem starts after couple days again and again.


We are now tired being connecting to Dell Support, because they are not giving permanent solution on the issue. This is the email of frustration as users are not able to do their work because of audio issues.


We need help from you on the issue as all 10 laptops are having same issue, should we apply for replacement of all laptops?


Thank you,

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