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Dell Latitude D531 BIOS needed.

Hi All.

I have a customers above mentioned laptop. she wants an ssd put in. I currently have an old Kingston 128GB in there and it is running fine. however she wants a 256GB. I have tried various brands and none are detected in the BIOS.

The laptop is currently running BIOS A02. I have downloaded from the Dell website ver A10 and A12 which by all acounts will see the new ssd. However, I cant run the .exe. I get an error 0x00000504. Dell support unfortunatly do not have an extracted BIOS. Is there anyone that has a D531 with BIOS A10/12 that could do a dump or does anyone have an extracted BIOS dump of A10/12. I am able to reflash the SPI if needed.

Many thanks in advance.


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downloaded a05, run it in windows vista as that was what was on the machine originally, it came up with error 0x00000402 ( not 0x00000504 as with the other flashes) before I could do anything, the laptop restarted, gave a quick flash of the dell logo, powered off. now, when i power on it comes on for approx 2 seconds then straight off. no dell logo, so i suspect that now the bios is corrupt. so now going to try and reflash it by removing the spi rom... all good fun...LOOL



So, update.

I managed to get A12 as a BIOS bin file. Re-flashed the SPI with a programmer and the 256GB SSD is now detected. Windows 10 installed, even with the SSD its like pulling your teeth out without novacane...LOL.
Still, it's up and running and the customer is happy.



Hi, I have managed to upgrade my D531's with A10, but it seems the image in A12 is corrupt or something. Did you manage to find an upgrade file that works? In that case, I would love a copy.

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi, I have Dell Latitude D531 which is not turning on, power light on for few seconds and then turned off. I have tried cleaning motherboard, ram clean, battery cell change, processor readjusted... Now I am planning to re-programme BIOS..

Could you please tell me where its BIOS chip located on motherboard? and any other important tips for it programming.. Any other tip for turning laptop ON will ne appreciated.



Look on the bottom of the board near where the reserve battery plugs in.

That said, at $30 to replace the board, even if you have a hot air station and an EEPROM programmer, it's going to end up less expensive to simply replace the system board.


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