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Dell Touchpad Settings WITHOUT Microsoft Store

In our corporate environement, we disallow access to the Microsoft Store. However, Dell for some idiotic reason, has decided to only make their Touchpad configuration software ("Dell Touchpad Assistnat") available on the Microsoft Store instead of an application download from their website. The application on the Drivers page for the laptop is just a placeholder application that links you to the Microsoft Store.

How do I get the application WITHOUT using the Microsoft store?

Why has Dell decided that this ONE piece of their laptop drivers requires the Microsoft Store?

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What is your laptop model?

Since a few month, the dell 7490 touchpad is compatible with the "Microsoft Precision Touchpad Driver" that enhance the capabilities of the dell touchpad.

With this new driver, you do not need anymore the dell configuration software as everything is configurable directly from the windows touchpad management tool.

You should try to see if there is a new version of the touchpad driver for your laptop, and verify if it is a "Microsoft Precision driver".




The 7490's trackpad works great with the built in Microsoft trackpad driver. It has all the options for multi-finger swiping and doesn't use the Dell app that I've seen for years.

However the 5580 (and possibly other models) does NOT seem to be compatible with that trackpad driver. The MS touchpad control panel item is generic looking and allows for only basic modifications and you can't configure the multi-swipe stuff. The only way to do that on the 5580s is apparently getting Dell's app from the Microsoft Store.


Looks like the Dell Power Manager 3.0 software is ANOTHER one that's only available on the Microsoft store. We universally block access to the MS Store in our organization. So I guess I'm out of luck with yet another Dell software product because they are stupidly only releasing it on the horrible MS Store.

Why, Dell, Why?


Wow, this is the first I've heard of this, and it actually gets even worse than @decker12's scenario where the Microsoft Store app is blocked by policy.  The Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC version doesn't even have the Microsoft Store app at all, nor can it be added.

Decker12 if you have a Dell sales rep, I'd pass this feedback directly to them.  For a moment I thought that maybe this was a gaffe that would at least become a non-issue going forward if newer models use the built-in precision touchpad driver, but if they're even doing this with Dell Power Manager, then it seems like they might not even realize this could be a problem for a material portion of their customers.  Crazy....


Actually @decker12 I found this page for Dell Power Manager.  It has two download links -- one does indeed go to the Microsoft Store, but the other goes to a page (this one, as of this writing) that does seem to contain the application.  It's called "Dell Power Manager Service", but the indicated version on the page as of this writing is 3.0.  Is that what you need?


Sorry for 3 posts in a row here, but on the subject of the touchpad, when I got to the Latitude 5580 Drivers & Downloads page, I see the "Dell Touchpad Settings" download which does indeed indicate that it directs users to the Microsoft Store (and yet somehow it still manages to weigh in at 10 MB....), but I also see a "Dell Touchpad Driver" download that weighs in at 138 MB and seems to contain the actual driver.  If you haven't already, try installing the latter and seeing if it gives you the typical Control Panel applet or extension to the existing Mouse applet.


No, the Dell Power Manager SERVICE does not contain the App itself. I'm not sure what it does - and the description is ridiculously vague - but it is NOT the same Dell Power Manager application that version 2.1.0.

In the older version that you can download without using the MS store, it has the little battery icon and the tabs on the left for power usage and can select Optimized / Cool /Quiet.

My guess is that Dell wants you to first install the Service "driver" from Dell, and then go to the MS Store to install the actual application. Which, just like this trackpad application that you have to download from the MS Store, is a garbage waste of time for sys admins.


Ugh, sorry about that.  I'm guessing the service is a separate package because it's necessary for Dell Power Manager, and Microsoft Store apps aren't allowed to install services.  I don't even think they're allowed to need admin privileges of any kind.  Of course that doesn't explain why Dell decided to make the application portion available exclusively through the Microsoft Store.  I'm also surprised even the trackpad driver isn't what you need though, wow.  Hopefully Dell realizes what a problem this deployment strategy is sooner rather than later!


I've run into the same issue, we don't allow and have removed the MS store from our images and ran into the same issue.  I believe it's actually ALPS who makes the touchpad hardware and is the one who has forced Dell into using the MS store for it's settings.  Not 100% on this but still, I think it's a bad move for Dell ot force enterprises into either using the MS store to get hardware settings options or just go without.  This is a good way to make us look at other hardware providers.


Bad move Dell

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