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Latitude 7400, fan noise, design flaw?

I have this new, for work, Dell Latitude 7400 with Intel Core i7-8665U CPU. 90% of the time, the fan is so loud. CPU is throttled up when it is plugged to the charger or when tethered to this expensive dell thunderbolt port. And yes, I use it on a proper wooded table. Now as I type this message, even on battery the fan is blowing full speed.

It just seems that the Laptop is more like a jet engine, or hairdryer, and believe me, it is beyond annoying to me and others around me. In this work from home time, the least I would expect is a noisy laptop driving me nuts.  

I had come back to using Dell after 10 years of hiatus. Have had used laptops from all brands from Dells, HPs, Lenovos, Fujitsus, Acers, MacBook Pro’s and never would have imagined myself to this disappointment. 

To be honest I do not care how business laptops should look. This run to make laptops sexy and thin, then ask to buy all these port replicators is pure nonsense. It is like selling an electric car without a charging cable. I would have been impressed if you made purely functional laptops. In our architecture and design industry, we follow this adage, “Form follows function”. No wired LAN port on a business laptop is blasphemous enough. Imagine the pain of getting it started on private networks where WIFI is locked out.

Note for Dell Product Designers:

1. Did you guys just push off an engineering sample into the market without enough testing?

2. Please note, if you are making business laptops, do not forget a physical LAN Port, or give those USB Lan adapters free. I give you an IDEA, which you will cash on in the future. Make an attachment of LAN Adapter which could be attached to laptop chargers for portable carrying, use magnet coupling, or plastic latches or whatever.

3. Third is, learn from this another adage which states, you shall reap what you sow. I sincerely hope people don't dump it back.

I am sorry for my rant, but I cannot contain my disappointment. 

Thanks and best wishes.


13.04.2020, Berlin - Germany

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I am reporting a more than worse issue with a Dell Latitude 5421.

I ordered it at an external Store and the first unit was literally a factory hair dryer. After complaining, brought it back, i had to wait more than 2 weeks for a replacement unit (btw. same production batch from the same german wholesale partner) which had the same thing going.

As i didnt want do wait another 2,5 weeks and additional personal effort of driving with the car for the third time then, i decided to go full on Dell Support , which i regret up to the day. Basic support is really "basic"....

After a martyrdom of endless phonecalls of trying to

-getting a technican for repairs

-asset transfer

-upgrade from basic support to pro support

i am literally fainting. This is exhausting, time intense and no one gonna pay me for all of this. Turns out that there is literally a less than poor design with the Latitude 5421 - it is a great Notebook, a bit too chunky for some (not for me), but the heat this thing produces by literally no real tasks going is ridiculous. Now parts are missing and the service appointment got delay for about a month. I give up.

I tried to get someone responsible at Dell, but as a private customer i literally feel like i am a second hand payer and thus thats's what i get. Tickets get auto-closed without being resolved, someone offered me a return and cash back policy, which i now want to use - but now i'm getting totally blocked and got a final call today from a german number, someone telling me, that i now have to handle the return thing with the original seller.

When you take a look at the architecture, how things are placed and that there are literally no ventilation gaps on the bottom of the unit..... that is a thing which will not happen to me again. I've worked with quite some Dell stuff and i never experienced something bad than this.

Now i nonetheless decided to buy from Dell directly the brand new Inspiron 14 Plus which seems like the perfect thing to me. Two heatpipes, two vents and about the half of the bottom of the unit is full of ventilation gaps.

I hope that the original store will take back the Latitude 5421. I am sick of using it for Youtube , PDFS and Chrome causing it to overheat constantly running at 100 Degrees and more. Ive assembled home pcs for more than 25 years now, and this Notebook made me literally cry !!!

All the best to you. I feel you, big big big!





The issue is again showing




I am one of the supervisors from the Dell Social Media team. I see that the service has been completed, please confirm the system functionality.

Can we go ahead and close the case.


Social Media Support

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If still under warranty, click the "Get help now" icon on the right to start a live chat session. Currently only available in the USA.


I got my new 7420 2-in-1 couple of days ago, the fan noise is horriable. Only Outlook was open...

could you please advise? any solution? 


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I have the exact same problem. I just got my new Dell Latitude 7420 2 days back. The fan is very loud even if there is nothing going on in the CPU - Just 11% with desktop window manager using the highest CPU and Firefox using highest memory. My laptop is connected to Dell TB16 dock with 3 monitors and it is running Windows 11.

CPU: 17%

Memory: 44%

Disk: 0

CPU: 0%

Any solution to this?

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i also have same fan noise latitude 7300

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Last one year we are struggling with this latitude 7400 2 in 1 laptop.


Problem I face:
1) Loud noise from fan always, even if the user is doing basic stuffs in chrome and MS Office.

2) The machine is Super hot within 20 -30 minutes.


Solution Dell done so far,

So far they visited 4- 5  times in our office and done swap with "same" model.


The brand-new machine also I face the same issue. Today they changed the mother board and fan of new machine. Still I face the issue.


We already have enough about this model, I am requesting a swap with a new model.

Please note that we have 100 of Dell laptops and Lenovo laptops in our company, I didn't notice any issue in other models. Only this 7400 is having issue. It look like a design flaw.


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I'm working on a brand new Latitude 7420. Bios Power-Setting is set to optimal as recommended.

It's so horrible annoying that the fan very rarely slows down. When the CPU starts working (e.g. opening programs and working with them) it seems it won't slow down anymore although CPU load was only few seconds high.

Is there any possible to get it more silent?

E.g. a windows tool which can handle the fan, or change the temperature characteristic?

Or is controlled exclusively by bios?

Some degrees more won't kill the components in the latitude!

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There are two problems

(1) loud noise from WD19TB-Docking: The internal fan should stay off (most of the time). Some of them are faulty. When the firmware updates won't help call the service and ask for a swap.  

(2) noisy Latitude 7400: Bios and driver updates helped, also the "silent" profile with DELL Power Manager. I won't accept to disable turbo boost.

But I can confirm that there are some more issues related to the heating / venting problem and also to the TB19WD.


i don't understand why you would send a private email when people are having this issue , i just recived my new 7420 after waiting month and sound horrible and loud, what is the solution? 

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