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Latitued 5520 i7-1165G7 not going above 1.69GHz.

I have a dell latitude 5520 with i7-1165G7 processor. This device is somehow capped at 1.69GHz. I can see the base frequency for this processor is 2.8GHz and max frequencies is around 4.4GHz. However in bios and all the places I can see the max frequency for any code is 1.69GHz. I checked the package power consumption in HWMonitor app it is max 12W under heavy load and average 10.5W under heavy load, but CPU is capable of upto 15W average TDP.

- Turboboost is on in bios

- Windows is in best performance mode

- Charger is connected and system is running at 100% load with CPU temp around 60 C.

Please help me understand if some setting is wrong with this device which is capping the performance.


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A long thread about this problem can be found here in the forum,  and it has some suggestions and a solution that may help. Also this forum thread has more information.

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I tried this solution there is no change. The maximum TDP is still capped to 12W.

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