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Multiple Latitude 5530 reboot after unlocking screen

Latitude 5530

We have about 15 Dell 5530 latitude laptops that were bought this year with Windows 10 Pro.  They are very unstable.  After working for awhile and the user locks the screen to go to lunch or take a break, when they unlock the screen the system reboots itself within a few minutes.

We've tried even setting up Windows Hello and that didn't make a difference.  When unlocking via domain username and password or even Windows Hello face or pin, it still seems to reboot itself.

The next thing we retried is to completely wipe the machine, change the BIOS to AHCI/Nvme, plug in a USB cd drive with a Windows 10 21H2 CD, delete all drive partitions and recreate and reinstall everything.  These newly in-house installed PC still seems to have the same issue.

We tried changing the system properties advanced to create a 256KB dump file when crashing, but still I just had a report of this happening and I checked and there's no C:\Windows\minidump.dmp or C:\Windows\Minidump folder even.  Without any kind of crash dump I cant even begin to troubleshoot why this is happening.

This isn't just one machine either.  Its many of the 5530's.  We do not have this problem on 5520's from 2021.

Any idea?  Latest BIOS and drivers from Dell Command Update are installed.

Should we try Windows 11?

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We put Windows 11 on the machine and it was working fine for well over a week, if not two weeks.  So I did the same for another user having the same problem.

The first user just messaged me today she came back from lunch used Windows Hello, it said to move closer she did, it unlocked and then rebooted.

Here's the thing... in sysdm.cpl under advanced, the system is told to NOT automatically restart on system failure.  That box isn't even checked.  It was told to create a small memory dump (256kb) but yet none was created.  I changed it to create a complete memory dump so we'll see if it does that in the future.

It doesnt seem to matter if she enteres her password manually and gets it wrong the first time, but then gets it right the second or third time, it unlocks and in 1 to 3 minutes it just restarts.  So we setup Windows Hello for Business and she just uses her face and it goes right in.  But if it asks her to move closer and she does, she gets in but in 1 to 3 minutes the system spontaneously reboots.  Again no crash dump, nothing in event log but the previous system shutdown was unexpected.  Also doesn't matter whether Windows 10 or Windows 11, it doesn't abide by the UNCHECKED "Automatically restart on system failure".  If its doing a BSOD I want it to halt on that BSOD so the user can take a picture of the message and send it to me.  With absolutely no real log of whats happening its hard to troubleshoot.

However, Windows 11 22H2 seemed to last a few more days before an automatic reboot compared to Windows 10 which was an everyday or multiple times a day occurrence.

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Good Morning,

we have the same Problem with one Latitude 5530 (i5; 8GB RAM, Win 10 ENT 21H2) and one Latitude 5430. 


Any ideas?

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