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Wake Timers and Task Schedules do not trigger in S0 Power State or when on Battery

Latitude 5520

After many hours of testing with a Dell Latitude Laptop (5520, Windows 11) I have isolated a number of issues and not sure if these can be resolved.

1) Task Schedules and Wake Timers fail to trigger from the Modern Standby S0 power sate.

2) My device has no support for S1-S3. I disabled S0 state to stop the system entering this. So only Hibernate and Off is available.

3) Task Scheduler and Wake Timers fail to trigger for the Hibernate S4 power state when there is no AC power. They work reliably when there is AC power.

Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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As an update to this: Wake-up timers also do not work in the the Hibernate (S4) state if the AC supply is not present.  No events are logged into the Windows Event Log at the trigger times. So it looks like the BIOS is not reporting the wakeup events to the OS.

Anybody out there who can review this? 

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