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XPS13 9350 skylake no wifi on Ubuntu 15.10

With Ubuntu 15.10 (default kernel 4.2), 9350 almost works out of box, except this DW1820A wireless card. It has been a few days, I still couldn't get the wireless card working. From what I have read on Linux Wireless, BCM4350 driver is queued to be included in kernel 4.4. That's a long wait. 

Could anyone help?

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If you go to Additional Drivers, is the proprietary driver enabled for broadcom? (If so in the future please always mention in your messages what you have tried so far).

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Yes, I tried the additional driver on Ubuntu 15.10 via the UI, it doesn't list any additional boardcom drivers. I made sure I enabled multiverse repo.

I also tried manually installed bcmwl drivers, still no luck.

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I've tried to understand what exact Broadcom card is inside the Dell and rebranded as a DW1820A, see this thread on reddit.

Are you able to figure out if the card fits the one announced in the upcoming kernels on the linux-wireless wiki?

Also, is your sound working? I seemed to be in the work too...

this thread on reddit

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Thanks for the details. I am on a fresh install of 15.04 and although there are some issues with the wifi drivers it works for the most part. All I did was enable the proprietary drivers.

Did it work for you before 15.10?

What is the temporary workaround you are using? These little guys work amazingly well (plug-and-play):;qid=1446389931&sr=8-2&keywords=panda+wifi

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Please note my device is 9350 instead of 9343. 

When I tried with Ubuntu 15.04, not only the wireless isn't working, but also the graphics card, and power management had serious problems.

I can use my Android USB tethering for now. But, this ***!

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What steps did you take to install 15.10 om the 9350? Having some difficulty doing a dual boot. Any insight you have would be appreciated. 

In terms of the wireless card, you should get an Intel 7265 for 30 bucks. Should get you up and running.

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Yes, my card is indeed: "14e4:43a3", and I have saw the news on linux wireless that the driver is queued for kernel 4.4. 

That is a long wait. So, I am hoping someone or organization can backport the patch to current linux distros.

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I know the OP asked about WiFi, but for those of you who have the 9350, have you found workarounds for power management functions like suspend/hibernate/etc. not working out of the box?

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Since my 9350 is currently on the way, I am also interested in this. I could try to backport the firmware, however, I have never done that before. So if compiling goes wrong, I will probably not be able to get this error fixed. 

Anyhow, does anybody know if the firmware is compiled into the kernel? B/c I think compiling your own Kernel is a bad idea for Kernel updates will most likely break the firmware again. If it lies outside the Kernel I could try it.

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