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Dell G15 5511 upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04

Dell G15 5511

Hello, I want to upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04. The software updater is giving me the option to upgrade but clicking on the Upgrade button does nothing. After search I found that the dell-linux-assistant does not want to upgrade and is blocking the entire procedure. What is the state of Dell G15 5511 model with regard to Ubuntu 22.04 release, am I able to upgrade?

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I believe you are.

I bought a G15 5515, Windows 10, and I installed Ubuntu 22.04.

No issues.

NVDIA driver successfully installed and running. There's a current NVIDIA driver bug where everytime the computer sleeps the gpu is disabled. The workaround, however is easy: just execute



sudo rmmod nvidia_uvm; sudo modprobe nvidia_uvm



I wrapped these commands in an alias, so I just call it everytime I wake up the computer AND need to use the gpu, like photo editing, for instance. But if you're using apps that don't need a gpu, then leave the gpu disabled until you need it.

That's no big deal for me.

In my case, I completely removed Windows.

If you're not confident, try an Ubuntu 22.04 live usb so you can check if everything goes well.

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