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P3222QE LInux drivers - USB Mouse Not Working

Just got brand new P3222QE Monitor, especially because of it's ability to support multiple devices (Laptop & PC) and also providing USB hub (as well as Ethernet) through single type-c USB cable to my laptop.

Was little disappointed to find out that none Linux drivers or software were provided on downloads page. 

I'm using this device with my Tinkpad X1 + Fedora Workstation Linux installed.
Sadly USB mouse is not recognized on my system when connected to my new monitor out of the box.
So while looking for solutions online, I thought it would be a good idea, to ask here for sources where Dell may advise to look maybe for drivers & documenation on "How to setup usb hub drivers for Dell type-c monitors for Linux based systems".

Any help, sources, advices & recommendations are welcome. Thanks in advance for your time and attention to my inquiry.

I hope sooner Dell as one of the best manufacturers of robust equipment will add drivers & more docs for my favourite OS.


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