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Dell U3014 Right Side Darker?

I have the Dell U3014 Monitor and I think this monitor has a problem on the right side of the monitor it seems a little darker compared to the left side. This can really be seen on a white background left side is whiter then then the right which seems a bit dim. I have tried changing the cables tried 2 different  DVI-D cables , Displayport cable but no luck. Also have calibrated the monitor using   X-Rite i1Display Pro colorimeter and Dell software but still same problem even when the monitor is being calibrated when the white colour shows up you can clearly see the right side is darker then the left.

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Hi shadowman007,

It is unfortunate that the right side of the monitor is little darker compared to the left side. Request you to remove the monitor cable from behind the monitor. Check if the same issue happens with the colored bar that appears on the screen. The monitor usually has a 3years manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase if bought separately.

Also send me the picture of the monitor with different color as background along with the purchase order number. I will check and let you know what needs to be done.

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