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FAQ Dell monitor and Apple

None of the Dell D, E, G, P, S, SE, Alienware monitors have any macOS support from Dell. As a consideration to macOS users, on some of these monitors we did provide a firmware update that can be run from the macOS.

The Dell monitors and webcams listed below have limited macOS support from Dell agents =
C2422HE, C2423H, C2722DE, C2723H, C3422WE, C5522QT, C6522QT, C7520QT, C8621QT
U2421E, U2421HE, U2422H/HE/HX, U2520D/DR, U2720Q/QM, U2721DE, U2722D/DE/DX, U2723QE/QX, U3023E, U3219Q, U3223QE/QZ, U3419W, U3421WE, U3423WE, U3821DW, U4021QW, U4320Q, U4323QE, U4919DW
UP2720Q, UP2720QA, UP3221Q
Webcam WB5023, Webcam WB7022

macOS DDM and macOS DDPM with only the above monitors are supported by Dell on =
MacBook Pro 2018 and later
MacBook Air 2018 and later
Mac Pro 2019 and later
Mac Mini 2018 and later
iMac is not supported

Note = I have not received any email that Dell has tested the DDM/DDPM on the 2022 Mac Studio with M1 Max/Ultra. At this time you may experience issues using DDM/DDPM

* Go to the Apple Forum and enter your specific Dell monitor model in the top search bar. Read through any existing threads. If need be, start a new thread detailing your hardware and issue. For example, searching "U3419W" on the Apple Forums shows 34 results. Read through the existing threads.

* Note, on some high-end monitors, the monitor manufacturer did offer to Apple users a macOS version of DUCCS (Dell UltraSharp Color Calibration System) X-Rite i1Display Pro software. Check your specific monitor model under DRIVERS & DOWNLOADS to see if that and its User's Guide is present. For advanced macOS help with this, again use the Apple Forum to get assistance from other Apple users

macOS 12 Monterey external monitor issues

Dell monitor DP in, MacBook Pro, USB Type-C to DP no or lost signal
* Turn the MacBook and monitor off
* Disconnect every cable (including the power cable) from the monitor
* Press the monitor power button in for 8 seconds
* Reconnect the power cable to the monitor
* Turn the MacBook on
* Reconnect the USB Type-C to DP cable from the MacBook to the monitor DP in port
* Turn the monitor on

Daisy chain with macOS
An Apple PC with USB-C (DP Alt Mode) do not support monitor daisy chaining. When connected in a daisy chain setup, both monitors will be in clone mode. The Apple PC must have Thunderbolt 3/4/USB-C which may support a daisy chain. Of course the Dell monitor also has to have macOS support as seen on the monitors driver page. A user with the new MacBook Pro M1 Max confirmed that macOS 12 Monterey still does not support daisy chaining monitors. Read through the Apple Forum daisy chain threads.

macOS DDPM (Dell Display and Peripheral Manager)

macOS DDPM User's Guide

macOS DDPM shortcut and settings save broken. Try this workaround =
* Quit DDPM
* Access “Application/DDPM” folder
* Move “DDPM_settings json” to bin
* Launch DDPM again
January 17, 2023
11 Big Sur, 12 Monterey, 13 Ventura
November 2, 2022
11 Big Sur, 12 Monterey (no longer available) 
September 28, 2022
10.14 Mojave, 10.15 Catalina, 11 Big Sur, 12 Monterey (no longer available)
August 22, 2022
10.14 Mojave, 10.15 Catalina, 11 Big Sur, 12 Monterey (no longer available)
June 29, 2022
10.14 Mojave, 10.15 Catalina, 11 Big Sur, 12 Monterey

macOS DDM (Dell Display Manager)

macOS DDM User's Guide
May 24, 2022
10.14 Mojave, 10.15 Catalina, 11 Big Sur, 12 Monterey (no longer available)
April 28, 2022
10.14 Mojave, 10.15 Catalina, 11 Big Sur, 12 Monterey
February 15, 2022
10.14 Mojave, 10.15 Catalina, 11 Big Sur, 12 Monterey
DDM for macOS released on February 15, 2022 was only tested/validated for macOS up to 12.1. We simply must wait for the DDM team to release a new version tested/validated for the later macOS 12.2/3. The DDM Live Update cannot "know" what version of macOS you have installed.
December 8, 2021
10.14 Mojave, 10.15 Catalina, 11 Big Sur, 12 Monterey
September 23, 2021
10.14 Mojave, 10.15 Catalina, 11 Big Sur

How to check for a new version?
From within the installed macOS DDM or DDPM, when starting the software, users could see a prompt. After user clicks ‘Yes’, the package will be downloaded but will not auto install. User must access the download location to run the installer for the upgrade. Note, some of these "newer" versions have not been tested on every Dell monitor. So be sure to check your monitor model drivers page to verify the supported macOS versions.

Or you can click DDM, select "Check for new version" from the popup menu. The right click action may also be done by pressing the Touchpad using two fingers. Or shift + right click on DDM icon.

Why does macOS lock the volume control for external devices. Is there a way around it?

How do I control MacBook volume when a DP display is connected?

* We understand that there could be compatibility issues with two of our Dell monitors (U3818DW and U3419W) and the macOS in certain scenarios which cannot be corrected due to the hardware. There is not workaround to solve the incompatibility with the U3419W and U3818DW Ti TPS6598E power delivery chip and macOS 10.14.3 and some later versions. The following workarounds can be used =
* Disable sleep on the MacBook. Go to System Preferences --> Energy Saver --> Prevent monitor from sleeping automatically when the display is off
* Disconnect the USB Type-C cable from your MacBook whenever you power off your system
* Use the power adapter provided with your MacBook to charge your system

Using a Dell UltraSharp USB-C Monitor with a Mac

4K & 5K High Resolution Display support by Mac systems

Issues You May Encounter Using the UP2715k Dell UltraSharp 27 Ultra HD 5K Monitor

Issues Apple Mac platform users may encounter using the UP2715K

MacBook Air 11 Intel 5000 graphics, macOS Yosemite 10.10.3 does not support 4Kx2K

Dell monitors built-in LAN Ethernet
The Dell monitors built-in LAN Ethernet port is always on, but passive. Meaning, it is awaiting commands from the connected PC operating system. Dell monitors with a built-in LAN Ethernet port rely on the Windows operating system to have the Realtek USB GBE Ethernet Controller driver installed. Dell does not provide a macOS Realtek USB GBE Ethernet Controller driver. One macOS user with the U3223QE and MacBook M1 reported that the U3223QE LAN Ethernet port was not working. His fix is below =

Older macOS models have a SMC reset option that you can perform on boot. Newer macOS M1 do not have this SMC reset option. However, there is a procedure that you can follow which does the same (recommended by Apple). This worked for me.

1) Shutdown the Mac
2) Remove the power cord from the Mac
3) Wait 30 seconds
4) Reconnect the power cord to the Mac
5) Boot up

Dell and Apple user complaints
We still see many complaints that Dell does not do enough for Apple users. The bulk of our monitors research, development, and testing goes to the OS (operating system) with the greatest market share and users. Which is by far Windows.
2021 Windows OS 77.7% vs Apple OS 7.6%

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