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Throughout the last six months I've come across computers at my work with monitors that just wont display at all. Instead I get the message, "Monitor is in power save mode, activate using PC." Now this is happening when the PC is booted and running. Beyond turning on the PC's power, how can you activate the monitor? Is this message an indication of some other problem?
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To bring the computer out of the power save mode press the "Windows" key once and release, wait one second, then press enter. The system should come out of power save mode. The Windows key is the key with the Microsoft Windows Symbol on it. Another solution would be to disable power management.
To disable power management, right click on the desktop, click on properties, screen saver, then Energy Savings Settings button.
Change all the settings to "Never", then click on "apply" and "ok". Power management has been disabled.



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I have the same problem with a brand new OptiPlex GX115. Since the time I first powered it up three days ago, it has only displayed the message "Monitor is in Power Save mode; activate using PC". I tried the solution in your message to monkeyvoto, but it had no effect.

If it makes any difference, my PC was purchased through Dell in Saudi Arabia and I believe it originated in the UK. So far it is just a paperweight.

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I have the same problem, and the fix suggested here did nothing to aleviate the problem - are we all destined to use our new computers (Optiplex in my case) as Paper weights?

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I have the same problem among with probably millions of other Dell Users - why doesn't Dell fix this problem - why are we constantly being ignored - I have tried all the fixes 'suggested' by the Dell Moderators but not one has worked


Can someone explain what is happening!!

If someone does get a 'working answer' let me know how to fix my monitor - I really hate the Power Save feature

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I am also unable to bring my monitor out of sleep mode. I tried the fix suggested by the Dell Moderator, but it did not work.

In addition, I've tried unplugging the monitor, restarting the computer and nothing affects the screen. It remains black.

This is a very frustrating problem and my computer, like the others forum users' machines, is simply an expensive paper weight at the moment.


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The sleep mode is designed for portable systems to save on battery life. They do not seem to work well on desktop systems. You can go into the power management options in the control panel and set "Power Schemes" to "Always On" and set to turn off Monitor and Harddrive both to "Never".



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This might be a silly question, Jesse, but how can we do all these adjustments if we can't see anything on the monitor
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Nevermind the silly questions, I am extremely frustrated with this problem and Dell does not seem to have a solution. Our library just purchased 12 new machines, seven of which exhibit this ridiculous monitor problem. All we get are idiotic answers none of which we can use because we can't use the monitor screens to do any adjustments. These machines are going to be repacked and returned. We might as well since we can't use them. All I can say is our next purchase will be delivered in cow boxes if you get my drift.
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I am having the same problem, I've tried the Windows key + enter solution but it didn't work, and I don't know how to try the other solutions when I can't see anything on the screen.  Has this problem ever been resolved?

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