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S3422DWG, flickering on the desktop

Hi, Just bought this monitor and I too are having a flickering on the desktop and in some games, like a suddenly a black screen. When I switch the AMD Free Sync Premium Pro off this seems to have settled the problem with just the occasional flicker now and then. 

I'm using a Nvidia Gigabyte 3080 Graphics Card via DP. I didn't have this with my last monitor a AOC 32" Curved.

I've tried the DP Cable supplied by Dell what came with the monitor and it still seems to still do it if it's switched on Free Sync Premium Pro.

Do I need to pay additional costs for a new DP cable? Shouldn't Dell be issuing this problem and supply new Dell customers with a better quality cable that addresses the problem?

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Sorted the problem, it seems the cable supplied by Dell is not up to the job running AMD FreeSync Premium Pro on my Monitor with my Gigabyte 3080 GPU, 

Acquired  this one from Amazon and it seems have stopped the flickering. 

Shouldn't Dell reimburse me for this additional requirement ?

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