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U2312HM Buzzing with Brightness lower than 99

This is still under investigation. The workaround is to raise the brightness to 99 and then lower the contrast to a suitable appearance. If that works for you great. If not, you should get the monitor replaced. If you only have a monitor order number, you should contact Order Support for your country. If your monitor was purchased tied to a Dell PC, contact Technical Support for your country. They will need the following data -
Email Address:
Shipping Address:
Phone Number:
Monitor Order number or attached PC Service Tag number:
Monitor 20 digit PPID number:
Reason: U2312HM Buzzing with Brightness lower than 99

For my notes to engineering, please provide the 25 digit monitor PPID number. It looks like this:

Savvy.Singh UK PPID =
Siddytrousers UK PPID =
Gammawolf UK PPID =
ukhkamran UK PPID =
Leopardi Finland PPID = CN-059DJP-74445-17K-CY6L
kevyin Australia PPID =

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Mine (Finland): CN-059DJP-74445-17K-CY6L

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Do you get reports from the middle east about this issue? or its related to UK/US only?

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On this issue, I have only seen UK, Finland, and Russia customers.

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I'm a US customer with this issue. I can't for the life of my find my PPID number, and I purchased from a university bookstore so I don't think I have an order number. What should I do?

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The PPID is on a label on the monitor. There might be a plastic thing you slide out to see it. You must get the original Dell order number from the seller.

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i brought it back to the retailer, and they said they suspected they would not be able to take it back due to them being over their 21-day deadline with dell (by 2-3 business days). further, they said they could not get me the original order number until monday.

it would be easiest for me if i could just give it back to them. is there someone in support i could contact to resolve this?

edit: retailer took it back, so this is resolved. thanks!
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Has this issue been eliminated? Would be good to be able to have a reliable replacement instead of relying on luck. I've replaced mine but new one came with the same issue.

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I'm another US customer with the same issue.  The workaround does work for me so I don't know if it's worth the trouble getting a replacement.

PPID: CN-0T9MJ3--74445-184-648L

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Bulgaria: CN-059DJP-74445-17E-A0LL

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