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NMC GUI slowness



I am running networker version of 19.6. Sometimes i see the GUI interface is very slow and when we restart the GST, networker service from storage node and networker server it becomes better. I tried looking if this could be problem because of JAVA heap size but already gave a good size of 512Mx.

Is there anything need to be analyzed to look for the reason behind the slowness of the GUI. The slowness is even there when there are no scheduled batches running in the system.

We are running the networkers in LINUX OS.


Please shed some light on the above on what needs to be looked further to fix this.



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Depending what it is doing, NMC/GST of course might have some impact on the overall performance. However, it works independently from the NW services. If you say that restarting the NW services will improve NMC, this is your personal impression. Technically, this does not really make sense.

You should verify that you have the latest NRE version (not JRE) installed.

Another idea would be to install NRE/NMC on another host but the NW server.



Hi Bingo,


We are running the NRE version as 1.8 from the windows path it shows(Under C drive). Is there a way to check the NRE version running on linux ?

"Another idea would be to install NRE/NMC on another host but the NW server."

We run the NMC in a seperate server . So should i try to create one more NMC ?


If you do not know basic linux commands to manage a networker services deployment, who is then in control about the management of the networker environment if it is not you? Don't you arrange the NW services are kept up2date? And if that is someone else, shouldn't you be reaching out to them instead?

Below command might get what you need to know about the installed NW and NRE packages version and when they were installed (which works on RHEL and on NW NVE (Suse under the hood)):

# rpm -qa lgto\* nre\* --last

Not a Dell employee. Just doing this to try to help out others. Sharing with the community.
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as NW19.6 has a memory leak issue that is addressed in nw19.6.1.3 that has been released a week or so ago, you might wanna look into the version you are running.

Nowadays you can also check and verify how the NWUI works, instead of the NMC (we still prefer the NMC however. We use both local NMC and a central NMC to manage a few dozen NW servers. The central NMC is no separate NMC install but a full NW server install, so that we can use athc service on that server to have all NW servers managed by this NMC to authenticate against, instead of needing other NW servers to point to one of the productional NW backups servers, we rather prefer to act the NMC server to provide this functionality. Still a stupid workaround of having to even deal with trying to use a centralised NMC to manage multiple environments, which Dell has sdaly made way to complex to easily be able to manage multiple environments from one NMC. Also scalability is non-existent as one NMC only supports up to 100K backup jobs daily, the same as the limit form one (sic!) backup server). NWUI also had performance issues with nw19.6 that would be addressed by nw19.6.1.3 also.

What do you mean exactly with the java heap size? What did you configure where if it is to be 512Mx (what ever the "x" is supposed to mean)?

I assume that /opt/lgtonmc/web/gconsole.jnlp has somethign set similar to:

<j2se version="1.8+" java-vm-args="-Djava.locale.providers=COMPAT -XX:+IgnoreUnrecognizedVMOptions -Xms256m -Xmx2048m"/>

I don't think the statement form the nw19.6 admin guide about below param max-heap-size is valid even anymore nowadays (it references also java 1.5+ in the example whereas our nw servers mention 1.8+ in the example above?

<j2se version="1.5+" initial-heap-size="64M"

the nw19.6 admin guide also has a specific part dealing with nmc not responding. You might also wanna look at the part "NMC error messages and corrective actions" just before that.

"Troubleshooting an NMC server that is not responding
If the NMC server is not responding, answer the following questions:
● Is a potentially long-running process such as a device operation (label or inventory, for example) currently running?
Any process that you start on the Console server locks the user interface until that process completes. To perform multiple, long-running operations simultaneously (that is, to administer multiple NetWorker servers), open a separate web browser
instance of the NMC server to run each operation.
● Are the all of the following processes running?
○ GST server (gstd)
○ Database server dbsrv12)
○ Web server (httpd)
● Is the ntpdate command synchronizing at midnight?

In some cases, when you have a cron job that perform an ntpdate synchronization at exactly midnight, the NMC server may lose connection to the database. To resolve this issue, modify the time that the cron job performs the ntpdate synchronization or have ntp run as a service and synchronize continuously."

Not a Dell employee. Just doing this to try to help out others. Sharing with the community.



Regarding the Networker Memory leak report in 19.6. Where can i find the details about this Bug ?

Is there any link where i can see the list of all Bugs reported for a specific networker version ?


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underneath there are the "NetWorker 19.x and 19.x Recommendations, Cumulatives, Training, and Download Information for Customers and Partners", like for nw19.5/19.6 it is "NetWorker 19.6 and 19.5 Recommendations, Cumulatives, Training, and Download Information for Customers and Partners"

it contains things like:

  • Build # and some special packages and identification.
  • List of fixes included in the release.

However the "Defects / Escalations List" the memory leak issue to be fixed by nw19.6.1.3 doesn't contain that much more than the one liner:

Ticket Product Description
336027 NetWorker NWREE-24104: Memory leak in nsrjobd

I cannot find any reference to either ticket 336027 nor NWREE-24104 in the Dell support KB.

If at all nowadays there might be sometimes be a reference to a bug on However that does not seem to be accessible to customers... So compared to some years ago, getting actual information about bugs and what the fixes actually solve, has been in effect - alas - been hidden from customers. Those one liners are at times also difficult to assess what they are about or even to try to find out if they might even apply to your specific case.

Not a Dell employee. Just doing this to try to help out others. Sharing with the community.
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