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NWUI permission for all users

Hi all,

pls is possible restrict monitoring only to users defined  in networker ? We have external identities, but every user now have access to monitoring section in nwui . Pls how restrict this.


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This seems to be the default setting.

I am sure that you can do this by setting the appropriate access rights.

Please read the appropriate manuals (for the correct UI) for details.


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Are the users that you want to restrict in a specific AD group that the users that are supposed to see more are not located in? As access is easiest aarnged based on groups rather than individual users.

And you would that access to be removed because? This as Monitor Networker is pretty much the most basic setting, besides being able to backup and recover their own data?

It is part of the default Users usergroup.

Monitor NetWorker

The ability to:

  • Monitor NetWorker operations, including device status, savegroup status, and messages.
  • View media database information.
  • View NetWorker configuration information (except the security settings that are described in the Change Security Settings privilege).

A user does not require this privilege to back up and recover local data, but the privilege helps users to monitor messages and other information.

Not a Dell employee. Just doing this to try to help out others. Sharing with the community.
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