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Off site backups for DR - USB device



We use networker for backup system and data domain is the storage. What we want to do is we would like to copy the backups to the USB drive as off site backups for DR. Is  there a way to do that?


If so, How recovery works for that?


Thanks in advance,


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This is a bit strange but of course you can do that.

In general you create a FTD or AFTD device for a directory on the USB stick and clone the save sets of your choice to this clone media.

You just need to take care to manually dismount/remount the USB media. AND - never ever relabel the media in advance as this will of course cause to delete the data.


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How would you want to use the usb drive? Also unmount it and have it replaced by another one, so to "rotate" backups media? Or would it be used permanently connected?

Do you however consider an USB device to be proper in the sense that it would have no checks whatsoever wrg to consistency, compared to the raid approach of a DD system (assuming a physical DD is being used. If it is a DDVE, then I assume the underlying hypervisor would have a raid setup for redundancy).

So even if you can use an USB device as backup medium using an AFTD (advanced file type device). As it would be located remote, it would require a system that has the usb drive connected, to act as a NW storage node. Or act as a fileserver sharing the USB drive to another system, backup server or storage node that then uses it as AFTD device.

If it is to be used for DR purposes you also have to think about what you all need to have in place, in case the DD is unavailable.

It also isn't really a big DD if a USB drive could also contain all backup data? The largest drives currently being 22TB or so? Or isn't all data to be put unto the USB drive for DR purposes?

Depending what you have available on the remote site, you could also consider using a DDVE?

I for one wouldn't wanna build my DR on the availability of backup data on an USB drive. Compared to the extensive data integrity testing of a DD system, the USB drive would have barely any testing at all, apart form writing to it. You'd have to perform regular testing reading data to see if the drive and the data on it is still fine...

Not a Dell employee. Just doing this to try to help out others. Sharing with the community.


Thank you for your response.

Yes, this is for DR like rotating device every week.

I am not an expert,  you can consider me as a fresher so bit difficult for me to answer all your questions.

What else I can consider for DR? 



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