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Trunk PowerConnect to Force10 Switch

I managed to stump myself with some networking. Long story short I am trying to trunk all VLANs from one switch to another, but cannot seem to make it work. One switch is a Dell PowerConnect, the other is a Dell Force10. Same vendor different model, so it should work.

I can see that the connection is active, line state is up, VLANs report they are active, the cable has been tested, but I cant seem to ping from one switch to the other. Any pointers? Steps I missed?


console# show interfaces configuration ethernet g23
                                               Flow    Admin     Back   Mdix
Port     Type         Duplex  Speed  Neg      control  State   Pressure Mode
-------- ------------ ------  -----  -------- -------  -----   -------- ----
g23      1G-Combo-C   Full    1000   Enabled  Off      Up      Disabled Auto


Force10#show running-config interface gigabitethernet 0/43
interface GigabitEthernet 0/43
 no ip address
 vlan-stack trunk
 no shutdown


console# show interfaces switchport ethernet g23
Port : g23
Port Mode: Trunk
Gvrp Status: disabled
Ingress Filtering: true
Acceptable Frame Type: admitAll
Ingress UnTagged VLAN ( NATIVE ): 1
Protected: Disabled
Port is member in: 
Vlan               Name               Egress rule Port Membership Type 
---- -------------------------------- ----------- -------------------- 
 1                  1                  Untagged          System        
 10           client private            Tagged           Static        
 20           server private            Tagged           Static        


Force10#show interfaces switchport gigabitethernet 0/43

Codes:  U - Untagged, T - Tagged
        x - Dot1x untagged, X - Dot1x tagged
        G - GVRP tagged, M - Trunk, H - VSN tagged

Name: GigabitEthernet 0/43
802.1QTagged: True
Vlan membership:
Q       Vlans
M       10,20,<snip>


console# show ip interface vlan 20

  Gateway IP Address        Activity status       Type   
----------------------- ----------------------- -------- 

      IP Address          Type    
----------------------- ---------             Static    


Force10# show running-config interface vlan 20
interface Vlan 20
 description Server Private
 ip address
 vlan-stack compatible
 member GigabitEthernet 0/43
 no shutdown
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Hello @judahnator,


You might want to review the configuration manual for each switch. To simplify, based on your description, you might want to check these configurations guide for PowerConnect and Force10 switch on their port modes:


Force10 switch:


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Thanks Joey.

I ended up going that direction. Instead of setting up a trunk I just manually tagged all the VLANs on the "trunk" port and called it a day.


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