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5GHz WiFi adapter replacement for Dell Wireless 1707 w/ Bluetooth 4.0

I have a Dell Inspiron 15 5555 with DW1707 2.4GHz w/ Bluetooth 4. Which card would be a direct replacement (same slot size) to achieve 5GHz w/ Bluetooth 4?

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Below are the cards that Dell Shipped in this computer. 

These are the wireless options available on theInspiron 15/5555 (AMD)laptops. WiFi logo

Dell® wireless 1707
Dell® wireless 1708
Intel® Dual-band AC3160
Intel® Dual-band AC7265 -Look into this one.
Intel® WiDi (Windows only)

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My new Dell Latitude 5450 with dell wireless 1707 wifi bluetooth cant find 5G network but it finds all the other available wifi in the area. My IPhone finds and connects to it. Are dell wireless 1707 wifi bluetooth compatible with 5G? If not what are my options. I paid $1400 last year so new laptop is not the option. Thanks for any input. 


I have an E5450  and also need a dual band wifi cartd.  i purchased a card with dual band thinking it would fit but its the wider card and wont fit in the narrow slow currently reserved for the 1707  card.  which model do i need?


The Dell 1707 mini wifi + bluetooth card is 2.4ghz only.

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If you are replacing a DW1707, ONLY a DW1707 card will fit, the others are wider, with more pins. Learned this the hard way!

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