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Connection interruptions with latest Realtek USB Driver and DELL P2422HE

Dell P2422HE


We have several users with Latitude 3520s, connected to DELL P2422HEs, who experience connection issues at random, several times a day, after DCU (configured to update system automatically directly from DELL catalog) updated the Realtek USB adapter driver to version 10.54.0608.2022 (A28). All machines are running Windows 10 x64 version 21H2. I believe all laptops with the Realtek RTL8153 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter are affected, so even Latitudes 3510s, etc.

We cannot confirm yet that the issues disappear when we downgrade the driver to previous version (no longer available on Dell Support site?!), e.g. 10.52.418.2022 (A27 I believe?), but we did not experience these issues before this driver update.

The connection drops however are only while connected to DELL P2422HE monitor, not when using DELL WD19s for example.

Is this a known issue? If not, what else do I need to provide for official staff to replicate this issue?

I would also need an assistance how should I prevent this driver update from installing. I'm trying to create custom driver Catalog in Tech Direct portal, however, the only Realtek USB driver available to select is this problematic one. No previous versions are available (at least I dont see them).

Thanks in advance


digging bit deeper, I'd like to know from where does DELL get the driver version 10.54.0608.2022, when Realteks own official website for RTL8153 provides 10.52.418.2022 as latest Win 10 driver?

Also, the driver thats available for P2422HE on Dell Support, is version However DCU always picks up driver from the laptop catalouge...

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DELL? Anyone? Hello?

In the meantime, Realtek updated the website with new driver version 10.55.20. Sadly, no change and the connections still experience random drops.

We also updated all the P2422HE's with latest firmware, and still no luck getting this to work. I'm starting to pull my hair out. Insane.

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