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Dell Bluetooth 365 not detected in Windows 10 Technical Preview (Builds 10041 and 10049)

When I installed Windows 10 build 10041 on my 2009 Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop my Bluetooth 365 stopped working.  On investigation I saw that Bluetooth had disappeared from Device Manager completely, but no yellow '!' was apparent anywhere.   When I checked the BIOS the Bluetooth card was present.  I researched the issue for a couple of hours and realised that Dell did not have a Bluetooth 365 driver for anything later than Windows 7. (That Windows 7 driver had worked in Win 8/Win 8.1).  I discovered that the card is made by  Broadcomm and is also used by Lenovo in some of its laptops.  I downloaded the following driver from Lenovo's support site and installed it.  When prompted, click the 'update software' button, and a further installation will run.  If you wish, have Device Manager open and you will see the drivers and devices install.

It worked perfectly and my Bluetooth card was detected and configured and now all my Bluetooth devices work with Windows 10.

The Dell 1545 with Bluetooth is a great workhorse PC and it would have been a shame if it could not have been used with Windows 10.  I hope it is not a sign of forced obsolescence by Dell, and that they will release Win 10 drivers for this venerable old laptop. It is a shame to have to go to a competitor for a driver. Judging by my web research there are many of this model still in everyday use.  I trust this will be of use to other users.

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There is a universal Broadcom Bluetooth Update which would cover this also:

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I'm having trouble with this as well.  Updated to windows 10 and now my bluetooth can't be accessed

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Thanks a lot, mate! This was really helpfull :)

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My fix above worked all right, but it was still a little flaky. My devices, especially my Microsoft mouse would disconnect at random times. I had to pair devices again and again. Now this could be a hardware fault with my Dell Bluetooth 365 card as I have had occasional problems with it coming unseated in the past and I had to open it up and click it back down.  Anyway, I got fed up with re-pairing and looked for an alternative solution.  I ended up removing the Dell 365 entirely and installing a new Intel 7260 combined B/G//N WiFi/Bluetooth 4 card in place of my standard WiFi card.  This was detected first time by Win 10 and has worked flawlessly ever since (3 months+). installation was simple - just six screws.  I recommend it.

Here's the card I bought from Amazon for €35:

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I have downloaded the Broadcom Bluetooth 4.0 Driver and tried to install but half way it stopped.

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I have a Dell studio 1558 and my bluetooth wouldnt work after downloading Windows 10.

After numberous attempts at different things I down loaded Broadcom bluetooth 4.0 driver.

On my 1st attempt my computer didint accept it but on the second attempt it accepted and now i have bluetooth on my computer that works and is compatitable.

I hope this helps others

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Thanks NShortland

I have followed your instruction and downloaded and installed the driver from .  It worked perfectly and my Bluetooth card was detected and configured and now all my Bluetooth devices work with Windows 10.

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are you experiencing disconnections at random times as NShortland pointed out?

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Yes my Bluetooth is working perfectly.

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