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Getting WiFi on OptiPlex 3010

Friend gave me a Dell Optiplex 3010 tower utilizing Windows 7 Pro 64-bit his business had outgrown. Had it hard-wired via Ethernet for years. Moved to a location that utilizes wifi only and there’s no connection.


Checked network adapters and the only thing listed is Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller.


I can hardwire tether from Samsung Note 5 via USB (only) but that creates hassles and uses cellular data. I’d like a straight wifi connection but see nothing in Device Manager etc. that indicates it’s wifi capable.


 Will a wifi USB adapter work in and of itself or do I need a card also?

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Hi cybolt,

Thanks for posting.

Your post was answered here:

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  • You can find a pcie Wi-Fi adapter pretty reasonable. You could also use a usb Wi-Fi adapter.
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I have 500 Mbps internet at home, and via usb card the speed is barely 30-40 mbps..

Would a better hardware card with 2 antennas solve the internet speed problem??

Thank you!

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