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Keyboard + mouse set KB7120W (KM7120W) - bluetooth connection problem


I bought this KB+M set and connects it to 3 devices (w/ dongle to W10 PC, w/ BT to W10 NB and w/ BT to Android phone). There is no issue with the connection using the dongle and  BT connection to Android.

But there is a malfunction about connection to NB using a Bluetooth. The following text is only about this connection.

The KB permanently disconects after the NB goes to sleep mode or after a several minutes as the NB shows a login screen or turns the screen off..

After wake up the NB the mouse is working normally but the keyboard is not responding. (dongle connection and BT connection just to the Android works normally)

In a bluetooth connection options in windows 10 the KB is shown just like "paired" while the mouse is "connected". At this stage also the "Dell Peripheral Manager" recognizes THE MOUSE ONLY.

The KB is again function only after a rebooting NB or after a connecting the KB as a new BT device. This situation is ridiculous while the mouse works normally but the keyboard not.

Does anyone has the same problem or already solved? (I found a thread the new update should fix this, but not for me..)

Thank you in advance.

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Try this and make sure there are little to no unnecessary electronic devices around your apparatus as they can halt or interfere with the signals. Try this test to make sure your mouse is intact and this keyboard test to be sure of its integrity.



Hi, Thank you for your help but it seems not helped to me..

When everything connected properly (like after a win boot) everything works normal.. also proved by tests of your post. And right after putting a pc into sleep mode, the KB is just not responding (not checked also by your test) the MOUSE (after a wake up) works normal.. it will take approx. 3 seconds for reconnecting the MOUSE, then the mouse is fully functional also on windows lockscreen..The KB must be reconnected after a log on..

Speaking to power management tab, it is not present in my options.. The laptop is a company PC and there could be a problem..

NOTE: I tried the MOUSE and KB also with my personal PC via a "no name" BT dongle.. After the mouse or the KB is connected it stayed connected for about a 1-2 second and then them behave as disconnected.. (also in win10 the devices are with "NOT CONNECTED" status.

Thank you in advace for your effort and a helping hand..


I forgot to note, there is "no power management tab" in my seting.. and i am not an administrator so I am limited to change any setings.. could be the reason -> it is a company laptop with some restrictions.. e.g. a BT one..

2021-05-15 16_19_29-Keyboard + mouse set KB7120W (KM7120W) - bluetooth connection problem - Dell Com.png


Open a support ticket here for yourself for personalized support.

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Attempt this and ensure there are next to zero pointless electronic gadgets around your mechanical assembly as they can stop or meddle with the signs. Attempt this test to ensure your mouse is unblemished and this console test to make certain of its uprightness.

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Please open your own support ticket here if you require personalized assistance.


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I think you need to reinstall your blue tooth driver. I was stuck with that once. Then you must test your mouse on this website (don't plugin your keyboard for now). If this still not working then try to change USD device you are using to plugin. 

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You can check your mouse on the cps test(website). If you score greater than 5 then your mouse is fine. cps counter

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You are getting this problem due to a driver issue or maybe a hardware issue. First of all, try to reinstall drives of Bluetooth. If the problem is resolved then ok otherwise make sure your hardware is working. Four mouse test check from this website
No need to panic if it's still not working try to connect some other device to check your Bluetooth is working

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