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Loss of network adapter for XPS 13 9350

I've been through a longwinded process of trying to reset my Dell XPS 13 9350 back to an original windows state. After using Window's reset functionality to try and reset my PC I was put into a reset loop during the reinstall of windows. Do get around this looping, I used the Windows Media Creation Tool to create a Windows 10 installation. 

This worked and I had a fresh new windows machine. However, it seems there's some crucial drivers missing including my network adapter and a display driver. At this point I'm unable to even view any WiFi networks and when troubleshooting I get the error message "Windows did not detect a properly installed network adapter. If you have a network adapter, you will need to re-install the driver".

I've tried downloading drivers from the dell drivers listed for my laptop as well as any missing intel drivers from a USB. Neither have done the trick, and as far as the dell drivers are concerned I did install the system utilities and chipset drivers first. 

I feel like I've exhausted my options and any help or direction would be appreciated. I also plan to boot Ubuntu on this laptop, is it possible that Ubuntu would resolve any missing drivers? Thanks.

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Hi mate,

Did you ever find a solution to this? I'm experiencing the exact same issue as you with my XPS 9350.

I performed a Windows reset and faced the same looping issue as you when I booted it up after completion. I then tried using a fresh Windows 10 installion from USB but now there is no Wireless network adapter in my Device Manager. I've tried installing all the usual chipset and network drivers but still no joy. It very strange considering the laptop was working perfectly fine before the reset.

My next step is to throw it from the top of a 3-story building so I'm hoping I find a fix before it comes to that

EDIT: Crisis overted! Installing the Network drivers from here resolved the problem and my network card is now working fine. Sadly I have had to do the same for a tonne of other hardware devices too (bluetooth, audio etc)....stupid Windows.

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Just in case you havnt solved this or anyone else has this problem, the network drivers from Dell didn't work for me but this did.

Taken from this reddit post 


You're an absolute life saver! This worked without even rebooting. I tried dell's wifi update meant specifically for my xps service tag and it didn't work. I'm angry I paid a fortune for a laptop that constantly gives me a headache because of silly updates that don't work. Thanks a million, maybe you should be in charge of dell support.


Your solution works perfectly!

I created an account just to say thank you 


This worked perfectly, Thank yoooooou!!!!

After installing this driver I was able to get online and install the rest of the missing drivers etc.

through Dell support page using the service tag.

Five Stars for you!


Very useful - the one from the Dell website did not work but this did.

I also created an account just to thank you. Just reinstalled Windows 10 on my Daughters machine and downloaded all the drivers ahead of time from the Dell website to no avail! Nothing I tried worked until I came across your post, it worked perfectly and I was then able to get online and complete all updates. Thank you so much.


I also specifically made an account to say thank you! It's stupid that the Dell site doesn't have any of the correct network drivers on there. YOU ARE A SAINT!

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