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Message: network cable may be broken but I do not have a network cable

I have a Dell Inspiron 3593 and it keeps throwing me off the network- All my other devices and computers connect without trouble. When I run Troubleshooting it gets me back online but give the message below- I work with Wi-Fi and not a network cable. It works a few minutes then same story the computer looses wi-fi connection. If I restart I at least get n few more minutes without being thrown off. I review most of the posts and tried most of them without successWiFi Failure.png


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There could be a few reasons why your Dell Inspiron 3593 keeps disconnecting from the Wi-Fi network. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:

  1. Check for Wi-Fi signal strength: Make sure your laptop is within range of the Wi-Fi network and the signal strength is strong. If the signal is weak, try moving closer to the router or access point.

  2. Update network drivers: Check for updates to your wireless network drivers and install any available updates. You can go to the Dell website and enter your laptop's service tag to find and download the latest drivers.

  3. Reset network settings: Reset your laptop's network settings to their default values. Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Status > Network reset, and then select Reset now. This will remove all network adapters and set your network settings back to their original state.

  4. Disable power saving mode for Wi-Fi: Some laptops have a power saving feature that can cause the Wi-Fi adapter to turn off after a certain amount of time. To disable this feature, go to Device Manager, expand the Network adapters section, right-click your Wi-Fi adapter, select Properties, click the Power Management tab, and then uncheck the "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" option.

  5. Check for interference: If there are other wireless devices nearby (such as other routers or access points), they could be causing interference with your Wi-Fi signal. Try moving your laptop to a different location or changing the channel on your router to reduce interference.

If none of these steps resolve the issue, it could be a hardware problem with your laptop's Wi-Fi adapter. In that case, you may need to contact Dell support or take your laptop to a repair shop.

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