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Problem with login redirection on

Hello, with my existing account also with a new one, I have problem to login to Dell support pages. It always stuck on "Configuring your account..." If you are not automatically redirected, Click here to continue The link points to and ends in the same page as loop.
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I'm having this exact same problem for the past two weeks. I called Dell hotline and none of them was helping!

Is there any solution about this matter? We have an issue and can not create service request. Dell support is not help on my issue. 

Thank you!

I have the same problem :-(
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Same Problem here... anyone got this problem solved?

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Hello? Dell? I am a customer with a $250k VXRail system trying to open a ticket but cannot due to this issue.      ........ "Configuring your account ... "

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Same problem here. Can't seem to find anyone who is able to solve this issue.
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Same problem here. Any resolution yet? C'mon guys, please help your customers get logged in.

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This has been an ongoing issue since at least 2018. When they were separate sites/entity's there was no problem. But as soon as they started up the SSO BS then it's been hit or miss whether it will work with the majority being a big fat MISS. I am so fed up with the non-working web presence of Dell. Even trying to order or configure a system online is a nightmare these days. We just did a big Dell purchase in 2018 so when this stuff is EOL will be going elsewhere where they are more concerned with existing and future customers than the acquisition of IT for the Dell portfolio.


I have the same issue i need to do VxRail training for work..
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