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Reset my Old email address

I finally reset myself back to my old email address. I lost when they cut my username down from being to long. I was just checking if they fixed that now. My user name was 25 letters long and when they informed me to shorten that I lost all my assemblance of some my account. I wonder if the long usernames have been restored. What is the max now.

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Your current username is 24 digits. Are you saying that you want to create a new account with a longer username?

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Is there any way my to combine the status and history of my old account with this one. When I last looked my old account had a truncated user name of dallascowboyswo with a yahoo email address. This is now dallascowboysworldchamps user name which my old account had before Dell truncated it and all my problems began thus the reason was unactive for so long. Thus with this account I have now I lost all of my previous history and badges. I once was actually a Rockstar before all this occurred. I do not really expect to be a Rockstar again for because of my inactivity I my knowledge and experience is somewhat dated. 

No I do not want to create a new email address. I am saying they had me shorten it and now my old username is showing up fine now.

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